You’ve been thinking about buying a walkie talkie toy for your kids? This article has 10 best kids walkie talkies in order to help you choose one. Because with so many models available, it is easy to get confused.

In general, walkie talkie for kids is a small portable radio with simple functions, similar to the regular radio set. It works wirelessly over a certain mile range, so kids may easily talk back to each other while playing in different rooms. The walkie talkie is useful while playing policemen, spy, fire-fighters or whatever you kid may imagine on how to play with it. Large families with cousins where kids live in different houses in the same area could find this device useful as well.  For toddlers, the best walkie talkie would be the one with easy control and friendly design. Kids that are over 4-5 years old would be interested in long-range devices with an expanded range of functions, imitating real intercoms. The main criteria to select the best children’s walkie talkie are quality and durability of materials that it is made from, its functionality, plus the safety of the toy is important as well. If you are planning to go on a family trip, you may need a reliable set of walkie talkies, especially in areas with no mobile connection to stay in touch with members of your family or friends. To make sure your radios are reliable, simply buy them in advance and test their functionality and durability.

In the following rating, each model’s features are described:

FAYOGOO – Kids Walkie Talkies, 22-Channel FRS/GMRS Radio, 4-Mile Range Two Way Radios with Flashlight and LCD Screen

According to customer reviews, this set is the best in terms of pricing and quality of the product. They are easy to use due to push and hold to talk button. This walkie-talkie fits good to 3-10 year kids according to parents reviews. At the same time some parents didn’t like the credit card size of the walkie talkie, so before buying one, make sure you’re okay with the size.


  1. Perfect for Outdoor Adventures & Indoor Activities;
  2. perfect as a gift;
  3. 22 Channels plus privacy codes;
  4. Flashlight and LCD Screen;
  5. attractive external design;
  6. parents report on the high quality of the sound and they can hear each other over distance.up to 3 miles in open field;
  7. drop-resistant and made of eco-friendly materials;
  8. belt clips and lanyards are included;
  9. outstanding customer service.


  1. You may pick up someone else’s channel who apparently has this walkie talkie too;
  2. the toy may seem too small for some kids;
  3. indoors range lowers to about 1-2 miles.

Tintec – 3 Pack Walkie Talkies, 22 Channels 2-way Radio Toy with Backlit LCD Flashlight for Kids

If you were searching for not expensive and durable walkie talkie for your kids with long-range distance, then you might be interested in this walkie talkie model by Tintec. The device has extended functions range which is quite useful. It happens that parents receive broken or defective walkie talkie set for their kids birthday, so just make sure that you ordered the gift in advance to have a chance for a replacement.


  1. 3 in a pack, so pricing per one radio is quite moderate;
  2. also, the set of 3 is good for big families;
  3. LCD screen;
  4. 22 Channels plus privacy codes,
  5. 2 miles wireless communication,
  6. ergonomic and colorful design;
  7. 2 meters drop-resistant;
  8. a perfect gift for children.


  1. More batteries needed (4 pc), plus you have to change them quite often;
  2. between apartment buildings and indoors signals is lower.

Playco Products – Walkie Talkies for Kids, Simple 3 Channel Set Includes Flashlight and Belt Clip

That walkie talkie toy is so simple that your baby will cope with it easily because of its intuitive interface. Still, the lack of the volume control and unreliability of the belt clip could be inconvenient. So, you could pay attention to that walkie talkie for kids if these minor issues are not critical for you and your child.


  1. Simple in use due to 3 channels;
  2. up to 2 miles range;
  3. has a built-in flashlight;
  4. cool exciting packaging that is good as a gift;
  5. a hole for a lanyard;
  6. 3 inches width is a perfect size for small hands;
  7. nice customer service;
  8. vivid appearance.


  1. No volume control;
  2. clip on the back is not reliable.

Little Pretender – Walkie Talkies for Kids, 2 Mile Range, 3 Channels

This set has not that many confusing options and thus won’t be a big deal to use it for your child. Parents noted that this toddler’s walkie talkie set fits well in the kid’s hand as it has a size of a credit card.


  1. Has a built-in flashlight;
  2. also, it has one privacy code – your kid won’t catch other people channel;
  3. clear sound and easy to use push-to-talk button;
  4. ergonomic design;
  5. materials these radios are made from is sturdy enough so they are durable and lightweight;
  6. radio has a belt clip – a nice plus for some parents.


  1. Privacy channels are not secure enough – others can still hear what you are talking about;
  2. quite a few parents complained that batteries are hard to get them out of the radio sets; also talk buttons are not reliable.

DilissToys – Voice Activated Walkie Talkies for Adults and Kids, 3 Mile Range 2 Way Radio Walkie Talkies, Built-in Flash Light 2 Pack, Yellow

Being a good walkie talkie set, that one would save you from worrying your little kids are smashing cellphones – the radio is sturdy enough for toddlers.


  1. This walkie talkie is perfect for little kids because of led light and basic functionality;
  2. yellow optimistic color and sturdy appearance of these radios will bring some good mood and fun to your toddlers;
  3. the high sound quality achieved due to auto squelch system;
  4. moderate pricing in terms of the quality of the product;
  5. headphones jack could be useful;
  6. LCD screen is really helpful during the night time.


  1. 4 batteries needed;
  2. batteries are difficult to put in and to get them out.

iKsee – 2020 Must-Have Dung Beetle Walkie Talkie Set for Adults and Kids with Compass Flashlight, 3+ Mile Long Range Two Way Radios

Another model of children’s walkie talkie family that has its own unique feature – a funny horn that your kids may like.


  1. It comes with ropes and back clip to free your hands as needed;
  2. price is a bit lower than average;
  3. 22 channels with 38 sub-codes to avoid catching others using the same radio sets;
  4. LCD screen that helps you use it when it is dark;
  5. a fun design that looks like a horn with a compass.


  1. Mile range is true only on the open fields;
  2. could be better with auto power-off function as far as kids may forget to turn off the walkie talkie.

Qniglo – 22 Channels Two Way Radio 3 Miles Long Range Kids Walkie Talkies (Camo, 1 Pair)

That one is a fine model for kids age of 5 and older as far as it has functions that may confuse smaller kids. A nice plus is that you may return the product to the manufacturer if you have received a faulty one.


  1. 22 channels and channel lock;
  2. LCD display and headphones jack;
  3. nice camouflage appearance that is made for both boys and girls;
  4. good customer care;
  5. great sound quality at distances about 1 ½ mile; has a belt clip.


  1. More batteries needed (4pc.);
  2. communication distance is about 1-2 miles on the open field;
  3. small screen;
  4. an included instruction leaflet is bad;
  5. white box packaging is not something that a gift could look like.

WesTayin – Walkie Talkies for Kids, 2 Miles Range, 3 Channels and Easy to Use, Fixed-Soft Sound Toy Walkie Talkies with Lovely Smile Design

A simple and not expensive radio set for using at distances less than 1 ½ miles for example at home as it is claimed by parents.


  1. This device is super easy to use for kids due to only 2 channels and 3 buttons;
  2. has a belt clip and a hole for lanyard;
  3. fits toddler’s hand.


  1. Batteries are locked with a screw – more safety, but could be inconvenient to replace batteries;
  2. the size could be small – width is about 1.4 inches.

Retevis – RT628 Kids Walkie Talkies 22 Channel FRS Toy for Kids Uhf FRS 2 Way Radio Toy (Red, 2 Pack)

If you want a kids walkie talkie that is not really expensive, then you could keep an eye on this model from Retevis. It has most of the functions that a kid may need to play his favorite games.


  1. The device fits easily in kid’s hand;
  2. cheapest in this rate but maintains the balance between quality and a price;
  3. LCD display and a belt clip; quite durable for kids;
  4. range of these walkie talkies is about 1 ½ to two miles, and over these distances sound quality is still good.


  1. Belt clip may fall off easily;
  2. an included instruction leaflet is bad.

Retevis – RT30 Kids Walkie Talkies Owl Appearance 1Channel 2 Button Easy Operation Kids Toys (Light Blue 1 Pair)

Another model from Retevis, but that one has a toddlers-friendly cute owl appearance and is a bit cheaper than the previous model RT628.


  1. Only 2 buttons and 1 channel make using this walkie talkie set just a piece of cake;
  2. auto-off function turns the radio off when it is inactive for 30 minutes.


  1. In order to change batteries you should use a screwdriver;
  2. could be small for some kids – the height of the radio is 4.7 and its width is 1.9 inches.


Every model could be useful according to the balance between the price and your child’s needs. In order to choose the best thing for your family, follow simple descriptions for each product. In general, if you are planning to use walkie talkies over distances about 1 ½ mile or even more, than you would like these models: Fayogoo, DilissToys, Tintec, Playco Products. If you plan on using radios at home, then these models are good for you: WesTayin, Retevis (RT30), Little Pretender, iKsee, Retevis (RT628), Qniglo. The simplest models are from WesTayin, Retevis (RT30) and Little Pretender, as far as they have a minimal number of buttons and channels.



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