When choosing a playhouse for a kid, draw your attention to such characteristics as the quality of materials, reliability, sturdiness, if it has windows and benches and many others. Today we will review top best outdoor playhouses with a slide. Children love going down the slide as it is so fun. However, the majority of such playhouses are equipped not only by a slide but also with different features such as bars, tunnels and horizontal ladder to climb. In addition to having fun, all of this allows children to engage in sports, grow faster and develop.

In our top, we tried to review all the most popular models on the market and objectively evaluate them. We recommend to look at our article before buying a playhouse because it will help you to choose the right one. From our review, you will learn everything about the most popular playhouses with a slide and also about their pros and cons.

Our article will be divided into two parts. The first will be top best playhouses with a slide for toddlers, the second – for older children. We decided to split the review into two parts as it is silly to compare playhouses for different age groups – they are in various price ranges and have different features and limitations.

TOP 6 Best Outdoor Playhouses with a Slide for Toddlers (as a rule – up to 6 years)

Firstly you can take a look at our top best outdoor playhouses with a slide for toddlers. The majority of these playhouses are made of plastic as plastic slides are much safer than the wooden ones due to the absence of sharp edges that can hurt a kid. Moreover, the plastic playhouse is easy to assemble, move and clean what is also a valid argument when you choose the best outdoor playhouse for toddlers.

Play Up Jungle Gym and Kids Swing Set from Step2 Review

It is quite expensive but very high-quality playhouse with a slide. It is an excellent playground for a few children. As there is everything you need for fun games: a slide, two swings, ladder with handrails and a steering wheel. Besides, it will look great in any backyard due to an interesting design (it resembles a tree house).

The playhouse is made of heavy-duty plastic that will not break for years. It’s worth noting that the maximum capacity is 240 lbs, the weight of approximately 4 children (at least that is what the manufacturer claims). In reality, I suppose, it can hold significantly more weight. The material is really more durable than in other playhouses. Even an adult will not break it.


  1. Beautiful design.
  2. Highly durable materials.
  3. There are a slide and two swings.
  4. It is good for 4 and more toddlers.


  1. High price. However, this outdoor playhouse is worth it.

Neighborhood Fun Center from Step2 Review

This playhouse is an excellent play center for toddlers and has everything necessary: a long slide, a dutch door, a toy table with dishes. The playhouse has two levels with an opening in the roof that allows to look around from the height. It is worth noting that it has an activity wall that includes loop ball target and ring toss (you can throw special rings) to improve hand-eye coordination. There are two balls and four rings (two red and two blue) in the set. No doubt, any toddler will find something interesting to do!

It is easy to set up and takes no more than 30 minutes. This model is made of high-quality plastic that will not break even if children play very active games. Moreover, this material is easy to clean. The only drawback is a high price.


  1. A large number of additional items (a table, two chairs, a ball, and rings for tossing).
  2. Easy assembly.
  3. There are two levels in the playhouse.
  4. Interesting design.


  1. It is a little overpriced.

Clubhouse Climber from Step2 Review

It is a large playhouse with a slide for active games. It looks amazing and has an interesting design! This model is made of high-quality plastic that will not break even if a large company of toddlers is playing. It has everything that your children need for exciting playtime: a slide, two floors levels (there is a special passage under the house), a bridge and two lookout towers with windows. It’s worth noting that this playhouse is very safe for children: there are no sharp edges. It has handrails for children to hold on if necessary. It looks like this playhouse model is well thought through.

It’s worth noting that the structure is very stable: it will not be turned over even by a strong gust of wind. You can safely leave the playhouse in the backyard nothing will happen to it.

Now let’s talk about the drawbacks.

I personally think that the slide is not large enough. I would not say that it is too small however it is smaller than those in similar models.

One more drawback, that many customers note, is low-quality paint (discolors quickly).


  1. High-quality materials.
  2. There is everything a child needs for active games.
  3. Stable structure.
  4. The playhouse is completely safe for toddlers.


  1. Low-quality paint.
  2. It is a little overpriced.

Naturally Playful Woodland Climber from Step2 Review

It is one more interesting playhouse with a slide perfect for toddlers. There are a large slide, two rock walls, two steering wheels, and an optional sandbox area underneath – every child will find something for fun games! It is a natural color that resembles real stone. That’s why it is excellent for any backyard.

There are no problems with the materials’ quality. This model looks reliable and will probably serve you for years! The paint is high-quality and doesn’t wear out (though it is possible that scuffs can’t be seen on the grey background).

However, there is one significant drawback that many customers note. It has complicated assembly instructions. But, in fact, we didn’t have any problems with set up. It took us not more than 20 minutes.


  1. A lot of activities for toddlers.
  2. Stylish design.
  3. Reliability.


  1. A possible drawback is complicated assembly instructions.

Pirate’s Cove Climber & Slide Kids Playset from Step2 Review

It is an excellent playhouse that enhances toddlers’ imagination. It is pirate styled and looks funny! There are a small slide, a rock wall, and a helm. This playhouse is good for toddlers. Such a playhouse excellently enhances your child’s imagination and creativity. It’s worth noting that this slide is safe and in addition inexpensive (it is much cheaper than other playhouses in our top).

It is made of high-quality material that will not break even if children play very active games. No doubt such a playhouse will last for years!


  1. It is excellent even for little kids.
  2. Pirate’s ship styled.
  3. Low price.


  1. It is too small – only two toddlers can comfortably play.

Play Up Double Slide Kids Climber from Step2 Review

Clearly, it is an excellent playhouse for toddlers. It is made of high-quality plastic that will not break even if children play very active games. There two slides in this playhouse so it is good not only for one child but for the company of the three. Believe me, there is enough space and features for toddlers to find something to play with. The only thing you need to take into account is that maximum weight is 180 lbs., larger weight can damage the playhouse!

The Climber playhouse is quite high, children like look around that make them feel like grown-ups. There is a turning helm so that a toddler can, for example, imagine himself/herself on a ship in the sea. Also, children can imagine themselves real climbers thanks to the climbing wall that stimulates toddlers’ physical development!


  1. Two slides.
  2. High-quality materials.
  3. Easy assembly.
  4. Climbing wall.
  5. Good value for the money.


  1. Weight limits, the total of 3 children.

TOP-6 Best Wooden Playhouses with a Slide

Now we will review the top best outdoor playhouses with a slide for older children. There will only be wooden playhouses in the review as plastic ones are not appropriate for children over the age of 6 (their weight limits are too low). The wooden playhouses are excellent for toddlers as well as for older children (as a rule up to 10-12 years).

As a rule, wooden playhouses with a slide are entire entertainment complexes and not just a simple playhouse. Often, the playhouses come with additional attributes such as swing, ladders for climbing, bars and climbing walls. This slide has everything the child needs for active games and physical development. That’s why we specifically recommend buying a wooden playhouse with a slide.

So now our top best wooden playhouses with a slide:

Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Set from Backyard Discovery Review

It is one of the best wooden playhouses on the market! It has everything children need: a few swings, climbing wall, and a horizontal ladder, where they can climb! There is also a picnic table for 4 in the playhouse. It is a three-level house: there are two floors and a viewing platform. There are only positive impressions from this model – it has everything for comfortable play for one child and for a whole company.

By the way, this playhouse is made of 100% cedar that is a big advantage as the tree is reliable and durable and the wooden playhouse will not break or deform even if a company of children plays very active games. It is a completely natural material that is perfectly harmless to kids. It is also worth noting high-quality parts: all parts connect tightly without any slots and gaps. It resembles a real house in reliability.  It can easily withstand even an adult.


  1. High-quality material (100% cedar).
  2. The large number of games: a climbing wall, swings, a slide, and many others.
  3. It is one of the biggest and most detailed wooden playhouses.
  4. Fully meet the toughest safety standards ASTM F1148.


  1. High price. However, it is totally worth the money. This wooden playhouse is one of the best on the market nowadays.

Shenandoah All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set from Backyard Discovery Review

It is one more wooden playhouse from Backyard Discovery. This playhouse is smaller in size but the price is lower too. The main differences from the previous one are the absence of a horizontal ladder, a viewing platform, and a table (there is a side porch with a bench instead). Otherwise, this model is similar to the previous one: it has several swings, two levels where you can move with help of the ladder and the slide.

The quality is also very high –the whole structure is made of 100% natural wood (cedar) and fully meets the safety standards ASTM F1148. No doubt you will get really high-quality outdoor wooden playhouse!


  1. High-quality materials.
  2. There are swing, a slide and a porch with a bench.
  3. Completely safe for children.


  1. High price. If you are ready to spend this much money for a playhouse then I would recommend to take a closer look at the previous model.
  2. No viewing platform and horizontal ladder.

Lookout Lodge 3 Slide Cedar Playset from Cedar Summit Review

It is a high-quality kids’ wooden playhouse with three slides. It is made of cedar like the previous models. The playhouse is high-quality, everything is great structured and well thought out. There are two open slides, one closed slide (in the form of a tube), swings and two levels in this model. Kids can play on the first floor and look around outside from a viewing platform on the second one. Every child will find some kind of activity in this wooden playhouse.

The main drawback of this playhouse is that a climbing wall and a horizontal ladder, that the previous models have, are absent there. In my opinion, this wooden playhouse is expansive that’s also the drawback. However, it is a good value for the money. The general impression of this playhouse is very positive: it is a high-quality model that is excellent for any backyard. No doubt, your children will have a good time there!


  1. High-quality wooden playhouse.
  2. Tree slides.
  3. Green and safety materials for children.


  1. Climbing wall and horizontal ladder are absent in this model.
  2. High price (It is one of the most expensive wooden playhouses).

Montpelier All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set from Backyard Discovery Review

It is quite simple but at the same time an interesting wooden playhouse with a slide. It is made of cedar just like the other models in our top-list. The material and structure are quite reliable. The playhouse will not break even if children really want to do this. There are several swings, a horizontal ladder and a slide in this model. The playhouse is raised above the ground so there is also game space under it. There is a small bench on the side for kids to sit. The impression of the playhouse is positive. If you doubt about buying it, I’d say get it, I would definitely recommend purchasing this model as it is a good value for the money.

It is worth noting the slide separately: it is large enough (8 feet). It is made of special slippery plastic but, however, it is absolutely safe for children. The swings and ladder are also reliable, I don’t have any complaints on the quality.

I would say that one of the drawbacks is the absence of a climbing wall but it is no critical especially considering the price. The serious drawback is difficulties that some customers note is difficult assembly. The instructions are complicated so it may be difficult for customers to set up it. However, you can ask the manufacturer for guidance about set up – the customer service answers very quickly.


  1. A lot of different activities for kids.
  2. Quite a long but reliable slide.
  3. Low price.


  1. Hard assembly (possibly).
  2. Only one level (although it is raised above ground).

Atlantis All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set from Backyard Discovery Review

It is inexpensive but at the same time a very good outdoor playhouse with a slide and a swing. It is made of wood (cedar) as all models in our top-list. It is an all-natural playhouse for kids. Besides the slide and the swings, there are also a climbing wall and a bench. The playhouse is raised above the ground. Its lower part is suitable for games and looks like the first floor but without walls.

I like this playhouse because it has a complete set of activities (a slide, a swing, a climbing wall, and a horizontal ladder) for a low price. I would recommend this playhouse for those customers who don’t like the price of the first and the third place in our top – this playhouse has almost similar activities for the lower price (I would like to note that this playhouse is also smaller in sizes, which influenced on price).

But this model also has a serious drawback. I’m talking about quite thin boards that this playhouse is made of: the manufacture decided to sacrifice quality in order to make the product cheaper. I would not say that this playhouse is bad but I would not let kids older than 10 years old to play in. I can also see that based on customer’s feedbacks: most people say that this playhouse stays in good condition for no more than two years from when they bought it. You should take into account all of the above before you buy this model.


  1. Low price.
  2. Quite quality materials.
  3. Full set of activities for kids (a slide, a climbing wall, a horizontal ladder, a swing).


  1. Wood is thin that is limited children by the age.

Hide and Slide Play House from Swing-N-Slide Review

It is a playhouse with an interesting design that is excellent for any backyard. It is quite small and inexpensive. I would say it better suits the previous top. However, the recommended age by the manufacturer is from 3 to 10 years. That’s why we review this model here.

It has closed architecture, small windows, and a full-size door. The playhouse is quite simple with no excessiveness. It’s worth noting that it comes with detailed illustrated instructions thanks to that the playhouse is easy to set up!

One of the drawbacks is low-quality paint. Some customers complain that they need to paint the playhouse after several seasons which can’t but be upsetting. However, it is similar to competitors’ ones in other features. Also, I personally didn’t like that this playhouse stands on four quite thin feet. The structure doesn’t seem to be stable enough (compared to wooden playhouses of other manufacturers). However, there are no negative feedback about the stability of this model.


  1. Low price.
  2. Beautiful design.
  3. Detailed instructions.


  1. Low-quality paint.
  2. Possibly the structure is not stable enough.


Today we reviewed the best models of outdoor playhouses with a slide for kids. I can tell you for sure that each model of playhouses from our top is a really good choice although they have their drawbacks. We hope that our review helped you choose the playhouse that is right for your child! If you decide to buy a playhouse I recommend look at each model, its pros and cons and make the decision. But the most important factor is your child’s opinion because he/she is the one who will play in this playhouse for years. Thank you for your attention, ask your questions in comments, we will be happy to help you to choose the best playhouse with a slide!


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