Today we will review the best models of kid’s tent house that are available to purchase right now. A tent playhouse is a good choice for children of a young age as it allows them to learn to be independent and develop ingenuity, creativity, and communication skills. At the same time, older children also like to spend their time in a tent playhouse. Because it allows kids to create their own secret place! Furthermore, a majority of child psychologists argue that each child will benefit from personal space and isolate himself/herself from the outside world, to play with his/her favorite toys alone and in peace.

A clear advantage of play tent house for kids is the possibility to use it in different situations: a child could play with it at home, outside, take it on a trip or even to the beach! If your family likes camping, your kid will be very happy to have his/her own tent, let there be no doubt in your mind!

In our review, we have tried to test and make an objective assessment of indoor tent playhouses appropriate for children of different ages. We have reviews of reasonably priced kid play tents as well as premium ones because we want to take into account the interests of all our customers. Just read the pros and cons of each kid play tent house and you will realize what is right for your child!

We mainly reviewed indoor children’s playhouses and tents, however, most of them can be used outdoor (under the condition of good weather). It is a good idea to take children’s tent outside on a warm summer day and let your kid play with comfort in the fresh air!

TOP 7 Best Tent Houses for Kids

Kids Play Tent Castle With Mat Portable by Love Tree

It is a play tent with unique design and materials. It looks really high quality and reliable. It is made of 100% cotton canvas – this material does not easily damage from active use and it is also “breathable” which definitively has a positive impact on your child’s health. It will be a great pleasure to play in such an indoor playhouse for your child (even I liked being inside it, it is very comfortable!). A tent house has four windows that keep good air circulation and lets you keep an eye on your child without bothering him/her. Also, there are two side doors with a zipper closure that allows kids to get in and out freely in their own tent playhouse. This children tent comes in two colors – pink (is great for girls) and beige is a more neutral color that is great for both boys and girls.

High-quality material is absolutely non-toxic (after all it is 100% cotton canvas). The frame is made of sturdy fiberglass that is absolutely safe for your child’s health. But at the same time, it is high quality, durable and hard to break it even if you want material! It is also worth noting that all seams and weak spots are reinforced by the manufacturer: the quality of this kid play tent is really among the highest on the market!

It’s worth mentioning easy assembly of the tent playhouse: it took us no more than 15 minutes to set up. It is also easily portable: it takes up little space when disassembled! You can take it wherever you want!

It is very difficult to find drawbacks in this kid tent house but we’ll try. For example, it is designed like an ordinary living house but not a teepee or spaceship-like tent houses of many other manufacturers. To be completely honest it is rather a pro than a con. The high-quality tent will be perfect for children of any age: from toddlers to teenagers. Not every teenager wants to spend his/her time in a spaceship styled indoor playhouse!

It is clear the obvious con of the tent is its price. Yes, the price is higher than the majority of the competitors’ offers. But quality is well ahead of competitors. It definitely worth the investment!


  1. High-quality materials.
  2. Stable indoor playhouse.
  3. Completely safe for a child’s health.
  4. Easy assembly.
  5. It is for children of all ages.
  6. Carrying bag included in a kit.
  7. It is large, lots of space.


  1. High price.
  2. A possible drawback is that the playhouse is not subject styled.

Kids Teepee Play Tent Cotton Canvas Indian With White and Black Stripes by Tree Bud

This child teepee tent has rightly been ranked second in our top best kids’ tent house. Being made of premium-quality materials makes you confident that it is 100% non-toxic. The material is 100% cotton canvas just like in the previous play tent house, which is breathable and soft. The frame differs from what other manufacturers use and made of wood (pine). The wood is all-natural, with no paint and knotless. It makes this indoor playhouse entirely safe for a child.

This children’s play tent is less spacious than in the previous one, but still, compared to other tent houses, it is enough to comfort for pastime (it is a teepee after all and as a rule, they are not very spacious!).

Let’s discuss the drawbacks of this tent playhouse. The assembly of this tent is harder than of the previous one. A child will need help to do it. Also, it is more difficult to take this kid’s tent playhouse with you as it takes up a lot of space even when disassembled. It is more suitable to use at home or in a backyard (it is a hard attribute to cons as the majority of customers use them in such a way anyways). One more drawback is its price (although it is more expensive than competitor’s ones, you need to take into consideration that it is still made of high-quality materials).

From the whole above I can recommend this play tent house for customers with one or two children (as there is enough space for no more than two people). There is no problem with quality – everything is well-built and safe.


  1. High-quality materials.
  2. Quite solid and stable construction.
  3. Good-looking appearance.
  4. Enough space for two children (it is hard to include in cons or pros).


  1. Price.
  2. Difficult to transport.

Automatic Instant 6 Kids Play Tent for Indoor / Outdoor Fun by UTEX

This play tent house fits up to six children. The quality is pretty high, everything is well-built and you will hardly have any problems with it. Unlike the previous two, this model is made of man-made materials which considered to be one of the cons. However, this is the pros as well. For example, it is better for use on the beach or backyard as the material is waterproof and better for bad weather and active games. The frame is made of very durable plastic that is great against physical impact – it will not break or rip while six children actively play!

The playhouse is easy to set up, it takes not more than 15-20 minutes. It is easy to transport: there is a special carry bag in the kit made of very light material. You can easily take this kid play tent on the beach, lake or to the park – everywhere your child wants! This playhouse is a perfect choice as a toddler beach tent.

The playhouse has transparent mesh panels for good ventilation and supervision. They let you see from afar what your child is doing and without disturbing him/her. The tent comes in neutral colors that is why it is an excellent present for both boys and girls. Be sure your child will like this play tent house!


  1. Enough space for 6 children, it is a lot.
  2. Waterproof material.
  3. Solid construction.
  4. Extremely easy and fast set up and disassembly.
  5. Easy transportation.
  6. Low price.


  1. Man-made material.
  2. The tent house is light and can be easily turned over by a strong gust of wind.

Children Play Tent for Girls Princess Castle Indoor & Outdoor by Tiny Land

It is an excellent play tent for girls. It looks like a medieval castle and lets your child feel a princess! The tent is pink so it will be a good present specifically for girls. As for construction, it is solid and stable, but the material is man-made what is, in my opinion, a con. However this material has its advantages, for example, it is waterproof. It won’t get wet even if it rains a bit and your child will not have to go home because it is still comfortable and warm in the tent playhouse.

The playhouse is easy to set up, it takes not more than 20 minutes (but a child can’t do it by herself you need to help her). Due to light materials and easily set up you can take it wherever you want.

It is also worth noting that this tent playhouse for girls fits only one child, it will be tight for two. You should also take into account that this model is the best for girls of 2 to 8 years, for older children take a look at the other kid’s tent house (for example the first and the second place of our top). As for the cost – the price of this tent playhouse is not high especially considering its high quality. You can definitely go for it.

Thus looking at pros and cons I can confidently recommend this kids tent playhouse as a present for your child – it is an excellent tent playhouse model for the price. You can be sure your child will be delighted!


  1. Solid construction.
  2. Easily set up and transportation.
  3. Low price.
  4. Excellent play tent for girls.


  1. As for me, I don’t like the material it is made of.
  2. It only fits one child.

Kids Tent Toy Prince Playhouse by Creatov Design

It is one of the best tent playhouses for toddlers. It is made of man-made material that protects against water and wind. There are two windows that provide ventilation and a doorway with a curtain. You can keep an eye on your child without bothering him/her. Thanks to this tent house you can deal with household duties while your child is enjoying a game in a playhouse.

This model comes in two colors: pink and blue. That’s why you can get it as a present for both a boy and a girl. Also note, it is easy to set up – it takes not more than 10-15 minutes which means you can take it wherever you want.

One of the cons is that a tent house is light could easily be turned over by a strong gust of wind. Also, I personally think the material isn’t good, I prefer to buy the teepee tent house from a second place of our top (but this is only my subjective view and based on the feedback of many customers, vice versa, like it). Otherwise, this model is excellent as a present for any toddler. Especially if you take into account the low price.


  1. Protection from water and wind.
  2. Large windows closed with a net.
  3. Choice of two colors.
  4. Easy set up.
  5. Low price.


  1. Too light tent house.
  2. I personally don’t like the material that it is made of.

Large Kids Play Tent by VBESTLIFE

This is a very big kids tent house with a long tunnel. It is an excellent present for toddlers and for older children (I think up to 6-8 years). There is enough space for the whole family – it is large. Children like to crawl in and out in tunnels like in this tent house. And if compared to other models this tunnel is enormous! It is excellent for active children even for a company of toddlers (it is large enough for 6 children).

The material is man-made, waterproof, but it is excellent for such a play tent house – it is hard to rip, it doesn’t get wet and, it is important to notice, it easy to clean. To clean the tent simply wash it with water: it dries very fast.

It is easy to set up it takes not more than 5-10 minutes. Moreover compared with other models this play tent house can set up a child (probably with a little parents’ help).

This tent is excellent for active children who like to play active games with kids of the same age. Believe me, children will be delighted. Perhaps this is the best children’s play tent with the tunnel).


  1. Large size – enough space for up to 8 persons.
  2. Low price (especially for the playhouse of this size).
  3. It is easy to clean.
  4. Easy assembly and safe.


  1. Man-made material (polyester).

Rocket Ship Play Tent Playhouse by ImpriLux

It is an interesting colorful rocket ship tent playhouse. It is excellent for young children as they like to imagine they are astronauts who go into space to open new planets and worlds.

Kid’s tent house is made of polyester but it’s high quality. The material is strong and water-resistant. The frame is made of sturdy fiberglass that is hard to break. I don’t have any concerns about construction safety – everything looks and feels high quality. The printed design is high quality and rich and it looks amazing! One of the biggest pros of such material is that it’s easy to clean: just rinse it with water and let dry a few minutes.

It is also worth to say that the tent is easy to set up, it takes not more than 10 minutes. It is also easy to put it in a carry bag and take with you – it can be compactly packed.

This play tent house could be recommended for young age children. This will be an excellent present: your toddler will spend fun time playing astronauts or just having fun with friends.


  1. Colorful children’s play tent.
  2. Solid construction that is steady for damage.
  3. Easy to clean.
  4. Easy assembly.


  1. The price is a bit high.
  2. The tent house is light and can be turned over by a strong gust of wind.


Today we represented a detailed review of top best tent houses for kids. We tried objectively to describe all the pros and cons of each model, and I hope you can make a decision about the best indoor playhouse or tent that is 100% appropriate for your child. Also, we recommend you to ask your child as his/her opinion should prevail in this question. Thank you for your attention, leave your feedback and questions below – we will be happy to answer!


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