Parents, kindergarten assistants, organizers of children’s studios and entertainment centers more often think of purchasing a playhouse. And it is not surprising. The playhouse is an excellent game space where children like to play for hours. A personal playhouse is every child dream. It is the place where he/she can be alone, take his/her time.  Children’s playhouses are made of different materials; differ in structural frame, size and weight. You can find a lot of designer offers online. Absolutely all playhouses have their own features that you should take into account when choosing and purchasing playhouse that is right for your child.  The majority of playhouses is durable and can be used indoor and outdoor (although you should take plastic playhouses indoor during the winter anyway).  In our top best playhouses for kids, you can find all necessary information about each model and also its pros and cons. We gave an overview of the most popular and high-quality models of playhouses and ready to help you make the right choice. You should certainly look through our review before purchasing a playhouse for your child!

It is very important for our children to spend more time outdoor playing active games and not to stay at home playing computer games and watching cartoons. According to 2018 statistics, a child spends at least 6 hours a day in front of the screen that can ‘t but impact a child’s health! Children’s playhouse located on the playground near their house will make them go outside more often. No doubt the purchase of playhouse will have a positive impact on your child’s health!

It is also important to note that professional psychologists recommend playhouses as a toy for children. It teaches children to be independent and responsible. While playing with friends in the playhouse your child can acquire such valuable skills as interaction with other people, problem-solving and making balanced decisions. That’s why we decided to make a relevant top of the best playhouses for children that will help you to choose the best playhouse for your child.

In this article, I would like to review the most popular models of kid’s playhouses that are available to purchase. Believe me, there are a lot of offers of playhouses with their pros and cons nowadays.  Let the selection of outdoor playhouses below help you make the right choice.

Best Playhouses for Kids

In our article, we review the most popular models of playhouses for kids: from cheap outdoor playhouses to expensive ones. Anyway, in our top there are the best playhouses available to purchase today.

Timberlake All Cedar Wood Playhouse from Backyard Discovery

In my opinion, it is one of the best playhouses on the market. It seems this way due to really high-quality materials it is made of. A playhouse is built from wood (cedar, to be precise). Assembled the construction seems really sturdy and safe.

It’s worth noting this model has a semi-open design: it has a real door that a kid can go in and out without any problem. There are windows and flower pot shelves on each side of the door.

The other sides of the playhouse are not solid walls, they have openings of about up to children’s waistline height. Such design allows you to check if everything is all right without even going near the playhouse and disturbing the kid: the majority of kids don’t like when adults violate their personal space.

This playhouse can surely be recommended to purchase as it is the best value for the money. No doubt your children will be delighted.


  1. High-quality materials (wood).
  2. Very solid construction.
  3. Open architecture.
  4. Cheap outdoor playhouse.


  1. You need to set up the playhouse (though it is easy to assemble as a detailed instructions come in a kit).

Princess Cape Cottage Playhouse from Little Tikes

The playhouse is excellent for girls as it is completed in two colors – pink (walls) and purple (roof). It is a closed-design playhouse that resembles a real house! There are big windows, closed walls (that is quite rare) and a dutch door in the playhouse.

This model is made of plastic (however, it is high-quality plastic). It is a solid structure so hardly anything can happen to it even during very active games. It is thanks to its reliable structure that we included this model in our top best playhouses for kids. The solid structure really stands out from the competitors’ models.

Your girl will really like not only the combination of pink and purple colors but and also the little details such as stylish house number, postal mailbox, and flag stand.

This is a wonderful plastic outdoor playhouse in which your little princess will spend long and happy hours. The only serious disadvantage is that this playhouse is not very convenient to wash due to the fact that it is made in the form of a closed structure. Otherwise, I can recommend it for purchase.


  1. Interesting design.
  2. Closed construction.
  3. Easy assembly (easier set up than in a lot of another playhouse).
  4. Resemble a real house.
  5. Lightweight (easy to move and if necessary).
  6. Best princess outdoor playhouse I’ve ever seen.


  1. Made of plastic. Although the material is high-quality, it is still plastic.
  2. It is hard to clean because of a closed design.

Endless Adventures Tikes Town Playhouse from Little Tikes

It is a really cool playhouse for children of all age. It is made of good quality plastic and at first sight, the structure is solid.

The “Endless Adventure” playhouse has four different walls full of play features: there are firehouse, school and gas station (with gas pumper that resembles a real one!). The fourth wall is for sports games: there are a basketball hoop, a soccer goal and special targets to hit with a ball. Such a playhouse can carry away any child for a long time!

In my opinion, this is really one of the best playhouses for toddlers. It is made of strong, high-quality and non-toxic plastic, children can play it in a large number of very different games, and also this playhouse is quite simple to assemble. Definitely, this model is worth the money.


  1. A lot of game options for a kid.
  2. It is large enough.
  3. The material is solid, it can handle any games (including hitting it with a soccer ball)
  4. I also like that this model is very detailed, all of the features are well thought through.
  5. Easy to clean as it is made of plastic.


  1. More complicated to set up compared to the previous one (but still quite simple).

Victorian DIY Playhouse from Little Cottage Company

The models produced by this manufacturer are notable for their authenticity (a complete copy of a real house), and at the same time, they are very very high price (for a playhouse for kids). This house is designed in Victorian style and will be perfect for absolutely any child.

There are a lot of different sizes (the price is going up respectively to the size). In any case, even the smallest size house will be high-quality and elaborated. A solid approach of the manufacturer is seen in many features: fence, tile roof, chimney, safe glass panels on windows and many more (there is even an own small size terrace!).

When purchasing this playhouse you can be sure that your child will receive almost a real mini-cottage where he/she can play.


  1. Very high-quality material.
  2. Elaborated design and functionality.
  3. The durability of wood construction and safe glass windows.
  4. There are a few sizes to choose from.
  5. It comes with detailed instructions and all necessary consumables.


  1. High price.
  2. Hard assembly (it is really hard to set up).

All Around Playtime Patio with Canopy Playhouse from Step2

It is an excellent inexpensive outdoor playhouse that is opened-design. It is a pavilion where there is all necessary to play kitchen or café. This model comes with a patio grill set, a sink (there is even a swivel faucet!), a table and a toy kitchen utensils set. No doubt your children will be happy to play in such a playhouse.

This model is made of high-quality plastic that won’t break even if children play very active games. It also has everything that is necessary to play with sand and water – this playhouse is excellent for children of young age!

A good and inexpensive playhouse for Toddlers. It is very easy to assemble, it is not expensive at all and offers a lot of options for the game. This playhouse is ideal for your child, do not even hesitate. The only serious minus is the small weight of this playhouse. I would not recommend allowing children to play in it during a strong wind.


  1. A lot of toys in a set.
  2. High-quality materials.
  3. Low price.
  4. Easy cleaning due to material and open pavilion-style design.


  1. Lightweight (but it is a pro at the same time as it is easy to move if necessary).
  2. Easy assembly but an adult should set it up.

Sweetheart Playhouse, Pink and White from Step2

It is one more closed-design playhouse for girls. It is pink and white color (looks so stylish). There is a doorbell (it really rings) and toy phone in a kit. There are a full-size door, door, functioning blinds, a decorative roof, and a flower pot. There is also a convertible table top flips over to become a pretend outside barbecue grill.

This playhouse made of high-quality plastic that allows it to be solid and stable enough for any active toddlers’ games. It’s worth noting its easy assembly (if compared to models of other manufacturers).


  1. A nice design (combination of pink and white colors excellent for girls)  
  2. Full-size door (what is uncommon)
  3. It is excellent for children of a young age.
  4. High-quality plastic.
  5. A solid construction.


  1. This outdoor playhouse harder to clean (compared to open-style design playhouses).

Picnic on the Patio Playhouse from Little Tikes

It is a picnic-style playhouse. It has all necessary for interesting game time. There are two chairs complementing a table attached to one of the walls, pretend burners, oven, and fireplace in a kit. Your kids will definitely like this outdoor playhouse!

It looks nice from the outside as well: the walls are made of plastic in the form of wooden planks and the roof is red color resembling real roof tiles. This playhouse looks like a real one!


  1. Easy to clean plastic.
  2. Semi-open style structure.
  3. Nice design.
  4. A lot of additional toys in a kit.


  1. A price is a little high.

Windsor Castle All Cedar Playhouse from Backyard Discovery

Despite the fact that it is not a house but rather a castle, we still decided to include it in our top best outdoor playhouses for kids.

Buy for your child a real Windsor Castle that is made of wood! This playhouse is made in medieval castle style and looks absolutely fantastic! The structure is made of high-quality wood which makes it look like a real castle. It’s worth mentioning the high quality of execution: the castle has elaborated appearance and structure. Everything, up to the smallest details, is high quality.

Your children will feel like they are in a fairytale castle and will want to find appropriate outfits. For example, girls may feel like real princesses!

The construction is stable and high-quality, but there are some issues with assembly: the help of an adult is necessary.

It’s worth noting there is a tower on the second floor of the outdoor playhouse that you access by climbing six-step stairs on the side of the house. As the whole the impression of such a house is highly positive, we are sure your kid will like it a lot!


  1. The medieval style.
  2. Nice design.
  3. Elaborated in the smallest details.
  4. High-quality materials.


  1. High price.
  2. Hard assembly.

Naturally Playful Front Porch Playhouse from Step2

It is simply a high-quality plastic playhouse which rightly takes its place in our top best playhouses for children. There is a front porch with a bench that kids can sit on. It is a very good summer outdoor playhouse – children will be happy to play there in hot days feeling like in a real house.

This model has four windows and a dutch door (it is a common feature in such playhouses). Like other products by this manufacturer, this playhouse is made of high-quality plastic that is excellent for active games. It is good for children of a young age.

The main feature of this playhouse is the front porch with a bench that kids can sit on. There are also a pretend kitchen stove and a sink in a kit. It’s worth noting that there’s a skylight on the roof for additional light. If you look for inexpensive outdoor playhouse this model is good for you. Although it is low priced playhouse looks amazing there be no doubt in your mind.


  1. Non-standard design (a porch is rarely introduced in playhouses).
  2. Solid composite materials.
  3. Easy assembly and cleanness.
  4. Quite a low price.


  1. Not a very large kit (for example, there are no soft seats for the bench).

Neighborhood Fun Center from Step2

It is the last playhouse in our top. It is a very interesting fun center for kids. It looks nice and unusual: your children will definitely like its brown and blue walls, a red slide, and a yellow dutch door.

It is made of solid plastic that won’t fall apart if kids will climb and jump around the house. The evident advantages are stable construction and easy to clean materials.

It is worth noting that the playhouse has a semi-open roof and a viewing deck – the majority of kids like it!

One of the walls is made for games:  it includes ball and ring toss and crawls through rotating door! Don’t forget that there is a slide.


  1. There is all necessary for games in a kit: a table, two chairs, balls and rings for tossing.
  2. High-quality materials.
  3. The playhouse includes all necessary for different activities.
  4. Nice design.


  1. High price compared to the other playhouses from our top. However, it’s worth it.


Today we reviewed the top 10 best playhouses in 2019 that are available to purchase today. In this review, we tried to be as objective as possible describing both the pros and cons of each model.

If you read the review carefully enough you would understand that each playhouse has its own distinctive features and peculiarities that distinguish it from other models. You should discuss with your kid which of these playhouses he/she likes better and then make a decision.

We hope we can help you make really the right decision to purchase the best playhouse that will delight your child!


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