Today we would like to review the top best wooden playhouses. Nowadays when children spend a lot of time in front of the smart phone’s screen, TV or computer, an outdoor playhouse will be good for the kids’ health. After all, this can distract them from playing computer games and go to check out their playhouse and have fun (for example, play with friends)!

Why did we specifically choose wooden playhouses for review? It is very simple: the wood is one of the most solid and stylish materials suitable for the majority of customers. A playhouse that is made of wood serves for many years without any problems (it is possible that your children’s kids can play there). By the way, wood much better than plastic handle kitting, jumping and other physical impacts that will inevitably happen when children play active games. We hope our review of the best models will help you choose the best outdoor wooden playhouse.

It’s worth noting that the majority of wooden playhouses better resemble real houses than the plastic ones. For example, you can look at products from Little Cottage Company – the manufacturer of one of the best wooden playhouses on the market. There are such elements as roof tiles, safe glass windows (they are safe for children), porch and chimney in the models of this company. If you look at the picture of this playhouse it looks like a real house.

That’s why we highly recommend you to check out our top best outside wooden playhouses and choose the right for you!

TOP 5 Best Wooden Playhouses for Kids

Cascade Cedar Playhouse by Backyard Discovery

It is one of the best wooden playhouses on the market. It is the best value for the money. For a low price, you get a high-quality, stable wooden playhouse for your kids which will definitely not break for a long time.

This model is quite simple but, at the same time, has all the necessary features for comfortable playing. There is porch (two benches with pergola covering), large window openings with wide window ledges, two side wall toy lights and kitchenette area (stuffed). There is also a set of sidewall curtains, rods, and mounts in a kit.

If you don’t know which wooden playhouse to choose you can definitely get this model: it is really a high-quality outdoor wooden playhouse.


  1. Best value for the money.
  2. Multifunctional playhouse for the money.
  3. There are additional accessories such as a toy kitchenette area and wall curtains.


  1. Hard assembly (it is true for all wooden playhouses).

Victorian DIY Playhouse by Little Cottage Company

We have already mentioned a wooden playhouse of this manufacturer in our review. They are almost the exact copies of real cottages with all necessary attributes (porch, safe glass windows, chimney and many other detailed features that resemble a real house). These wooden playhouses have a lot of parts, it is not that easy to assemble even for an adult!

I can say that it is the best wooden playhouse on the market. The price is its only drawback. It is priced much higher than the competitors’ offers. However, if you are ready to pay that much for a playhouse be sure that it won’t disappoint you. It has everything your child needs to feel like he/she is in his/her own real home!

It’s worth noting that there this wooden playhouse comes in different sizes – you can choose that is right for you!


  1. Attention to the details – the playhouse resembles a real cottage.
  2. Reliability – the playhouse is hard to break.
  3. Stylish design.
  4. All necessary for assembly is included in a kit.
  5. Wide choice of sizes.


  1. High price (one of the most expensive playhouses).
  2. Hard assembly (the playhouse consists of a lot of parts, almost like a real one!).

1801080 Woodridge Elite Swing Set by Backyard Discovery

This wooden playhouse is a real playground! It is excellent for most children. It is especially great for families with a few kids as this wooden playhouse will create all necessary conditions for active games. There are stairs, swings, a slide and a tunnel where you can crawl through. Your kids will be delighted!

This playhouse is made of really high-quality wood: it definitely will not discolor or break for years! It is not afraid of your kids’ active games: in the assembled state it is not easily damaged.

An assembly is easier than in the previous model but still can cause some difficulties. We recommend to follow the instructions strictly and everything works out. A price may seem high but for this money, you get not only a playhouse but also a whole playground with rides.


  1. A lot of accessories for active games.
  2. High-quality materials.
  3. It is not easy to damage.


  1. Hard assembly (as in the majority of wooden playhouses).
  2. Price may seem high.

Hide and Slide Play House by Swing-N-Slide

The playhouse has a unique look and is excellent for any children’s games. Your child definitely likes it thanks to its funny color and shape. This model has a wooden porch with stairs and slide. It looks fun and will fit the design of any backyard.

The playhouse is closed-type architecture with small windows and a full-size door which is rare in playhouses. It’s worth noting its fully illustrated instructions – assembly will be easy with it!

One of the drawbacks is bad-quality paint. Some customers complain that the playhouse needs to be painted after several seasons, that’s upsetting. However, in the other features, this model is as good as the competitors’ ones. Also, I personally don’t like that playhouse stands on four feet, the structure doesn’t seem to be stable (compared to what other manufacturers offer). However, there is no negative feedback about it.


  1. Unique look.
  2. Fully illustrated instructions.
  3. Low price.
  4. Wooden roof with skylights for more natural light.


  1. Bad-quality paint.
  2. The foundation design.

Timberlake All Cedar Wood Playhouse by Backyard Discovery

It is a high-quality playhouse made of cedar. I would describe it as one of the best as the quality of the materials and assembly is very high.

It has an open design that is the advantage and the drawback at the same time. The advantage is because it lets you keep an eye on your child without bothering him/her. However it is the drawback too: for example, if there is a small rain you should take a child home as he/she can get wet.

Nevertheless, taking into consideration all the pros and cons I would recommend to purchase this playhouse. It is a good value for the money.


  1. High-quality materials and paint.
  2. Very reliable structure.
  3. Open architecture.
  4. Inexpensive outdoor playhouse


  1. You need to set up the playhouse.
  2. Open architecture is partially a drawback.


We try to review the top best wooden playhouses. Now you should make a decision taking into account all the pros and cons. You can also take a look at our top best outdoor playhouse. We hope our review of the wooden playhouse will help you make the right choice and purchase a playhouse that will delight your kids for years!


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