It is the funniest board game for the whole family from Hasbro. Not only children but also adults will like Crocodile Dentist. The main point of this game is to press alligator’s teeth one by one in order to guess which tooth is bad. The person who presses bad tooth loses (the jaw slams shut).

The big benefit of this toy is that it works without batteries. That’s why the game will not end in the worst possible time.

There are alligator itself and stickers for it in the kit.

Additional features:

  1. Number of players: 2–4
  2. Age: 3 years and older
  3. Material: plastic
  4. Package: box
  5. Package size: 267х267х80 mm
  6. Made in the USA.

Quality and safety

The materials are high-quality. Everything here is thought through. The plastic is reliable. The mechanism works perfectly.

It might seem that the process of “slamming” the jaw is dangerous. But don’t worry as even an adult’s hand will be safe. There will be some space left.

The manufacturer recommends a crocodile dentist game for children of 4 years and older. Of course, these children need to be instructed and warned of “slamming” jaw not be afraid of. The toddlers before 3 years do not yet have a quick reaction. But the toy doesn’t have small parts so you don’t have to worry about it.

How does the toy contribute to a player’s development?

First of all the toy develops reaction speed. You need to have a certain sleight of hand to play this game. Moreover, croc dentist needs at least two people to play that’s why communication skills are also developing.


It is a great toy from Hasbro! It will be a success at children’s and family’s celebrations and older children’s parties. The game is funny, simple and joyful and that’s why it is so attractive. The price is a little high like on all products of Hasbro, but you can trust this manufacturer. The quality is outstanding. The feedbacks on this toy are exceptionally positive.



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