Have you ever come across a game on roguery and attention in the best traditions of Pinocchio? Fibber board game is the game for a family of three-four people that will help you feel like you are playing the role of the wooden character and have fun. This card game is for children from 7 years and adults. The players’ goal is to unmask a deceiver and not to get caught on cheating.

How to play fibber game

In the game, each player wears glasses where an additional nosepiece is hooked on to if the player was caught on lies. The cards are distributed equally and a playing board is placed in the center of a table.  The game board is a circle with sectors that correspond to the cards: Bigfoot, Ghost, Alien, Witch, and Dragon. There is also a β€œwild” card. It can replace any other card.

There are a Bigfoot, Aliens, Dragons, a Witch and a Ghost in a Fibber board game. Why are all these characters in one game? Because no one has seen them, but you need to say the opposite during the game and more than once! The point is that you have four cards of each character and a Wild card that replaces any other card.

Fibber game rules are easy: when it is a player’s turn he/she lays out a number of cards and declares who he/she saw and how many (but strictly in his/her turn). For example, now everyone is in Dragon’s sector. You put two cards and say that you saw two Dragons. You can play from one to four cards. Even if you don’t have the card you need. You should remember that you need to put cards (it is a minimum of one card). Nobody will see it if you are not under suspicion because they are played face down.

There is one offensive word in this game – fibber. Fibber is a person who says one thing and does the opposite. For example, if such a player puts three cards on the Bigfoot’s playing sector and says all these cards are Bigfoot and you have two of those cards (and there are only four of them in the deck).

If varmint and diddler has been caught in the act you have to make his/her nose longer πŸ™‚ Actually, there is also a positive side. You can purposely play with a sly look and when someone says that you are fibber you will show that the person made a mistake. This mistake will be expansive: he/she will take all played cards and put on one more colorful nosepiece.

It is beneficial to get rid of all cards in Fibber game. If you do this collect all cards and deal them out again and you get to remove all the noses πŸ™‚

Funny game for all family

I’m telling you, it is more difficult to explain than to play! Surprisingly this game is interesting not only to kids that find it difficult to cheat but also to teenagers. They will faster understand the game and you will not be able to keep up with them when they play with an innocent look πŸ™‚

I hope you did not have time to think that this game is harmful? Not at all! Firstly, you can see the child’s (or partner’s) face when he/she is lying to you. Secondly, you will develop acting skills and analytical thinking and you will teach the smallest children to count to 4-8. It is also useful to know how to bluff πŸ™‚

Funny colorful accessories will amuse you and set the mood for the evening. No doubt, children will be happy to make faces in glasses with multicolor nosepieces in the mirror! What else do you need for a wonderful family evening?


If you don’t mind the moral and ethical sides of the lies, you can easily buy this toy. It’s a joyful and fascinating way to spend time for the whole family. Parents and grandparents will remember childhood and the game “Believe – not believe”. The younger generation has something to learn from them. And funny accessories will bring something new in the game.


  1. I bought it for my son, and our family loves to play this game together! I highly recommend it!
    Thank you for such a detailed review!


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