The world of magic is quite amazing for kids. So we think a lot of children want to learn how to perform magic tricks themselves. Children will love to learn magic and perform the illusion on their own can give them some strongest development benefits. As performing illusion and tricks needs a lot of practice kids will improve such skills as hand dexterity, fine-motor skills, gross-motor skills, hand-eye coordination, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Building these skills will not only benefit their personal life but will also be useful in the classroom as well. In this guide, we want to offer you the best magic kits for kids.

There are a lot of magic sets on the market. So it is quite difficult to figure out which kit is the best for your kids. When you give your child a magic set you allow him/her to experience the art of illusion first-hand. The kids magic trick sets usually have everything a child needs to complete many illusions or provide all the information on how to complete them.

So now we would like to offer you our top 10 best magic sets for kids that you can buy nowadays. We hope it will be useful as in our guide we tried to present all the pros and cons of the products objectively. When you read it you will definitely understand which magic kit is the right for your child.

TOP 10 Best Magic Kits for Kids:

Professional Magic Kit by Criss Angel MINDFREAK

Criss Angel is famous among magicians for his camera tricks and questionable magic, but there’s no denying that he puts together some pretty sweet magic sets for kids. It is the newest, most comprehensive and unprecedented magic kit with over 400 magic tricks, like Mental Freak and Penetration Glass, along with detailed, step-by-step directions. With video downloads taught by Criss himself, you will be performing from this award-winning magic kit in no time. Plus each kit comes with exclusive membership to Criss Angel’s Secret Society which includes over 200 Bonus Tricks including more MINDFREAKS taught by Criss, expert advice from Criss and The SUPERNATURALISTS, and much, much more. It is a great gift for anyone looking to learn some magic and have some fun while doing it. The tricks aren’t too complicated for a young child to replicate. It is a perfect magic trick kit for a beginner. It is a good value for the money.

There are only a few feedbacks that props can be occasionally broken.


  1. Excellent magic trick set for beginners.
  2. Over 400 magic tricks.
  3. Exclusive membership to Criss Angel’s Secret Society.


  1. Occasionally the props can be broken.

Easy Magic Tricks For Children by MAGIC MASTER

This magic trick toy is perfect for kids of 5-14 years old.  It is a versatile kit that will take all beginners on an introductory journey into the beautiful world of magic. Your child can present a magic show for family and friends as this magic kit has enough materials for it with over 350 easy to learn magic tricks. The kit includes access to the secret website of the manufacturer with step-by-step video walkthroughs of even more tricks that don’t require the use of this kit. You can also find three bonus Ebooks there: “Modern Coin Magic. Learn Over 236 Amazing Tricks Using Coins”, “Encyclopedia of Card Tricks”, and “Expert at the Card Table”. The fun will never stop with this children’s magic kit!

One of the main drawbacks is complicated instructions and smaller kids will NOT understand without help even if they are good readers. What is good about instructions is that they give suggestions on how to change up the trick. There are also some customers’ complaints that the props made of very breakable plastic.


  1. Excellent magic kit for kids of 5-14 years old.
  2. Over 350 easy to learn magic tricks.
  3. Three bonus Ebooks.
  4. Access to the secret website of the manufacturer.


  1. Complicated instructions.
  2. Props made of very breakable plastic.

Spectacular Magic Suitcase by Ideal

It is one of the few magic sets that provide intermediate level tricks for kids. That is why this magic kit for kids of 8-12 years old and up. It includes 100 easy to learn tricks and high-quality props. Kids can perform some great tricks such as the dice escape, magic card shuffle, multiplying balls and cut and restore, and a lot more to the amazement of those watching. The kit includes a box with a handle that keeps everything together and stores away nicely and can also be used as a performance table during a magic act. There are plenty of different magic props like a disappearing card deck or blue ring with the bottom of the same color etc which can assist your child in the creation of magic. It also includes a DVD for tricks explanation.

It’s worth mentioning that some props that needed for the tricks are not included. There are also a lot of feedbacks that many materials are of low quality and get damaged easily.


  1. Good magic set for kids of 8-12 years old.
  2. 100 easy to learn tricks.
  3. DVD instructions included.


  1. Some props needed for the tricks are not included.
  2. Many materials are of low quality and get damage easily.

Beginners Magic kit Set by Learn&Climb

It is a magic set for beginners from Learn&Climb. This starter kit will bring a lot of fun for boys and girls of 4 years old and up. This kids magic trick set represents different skill levels with a few of the tricks being a bit harder (but still manageable!) to master and perform smoothly. The magic set includes easy to follow illustrated manual instructions. To help children of different reading levels, the manufacturer included picture only instructions and access to short and easy videos online of a real magician performing and then explaining exactly how to do each trick and how to use props. This magic kit includes 12 props. Your children will find everything they need to learn dozens of magical performances, such as thrilling trick finger chopper, vanishing tricks and so many more!

Some consumers have problems with DVD that doesn’t work. This magic trick set is for younger children only.


  1. Magic kit for beginners with classic tricks.
  2. 12 props included.
  3. It has both manual and DVD instructions.


  1. DVD often does not work.
  2. A very simple kit that is great for beginners only.

Ultimate Magic Kit by Jim Stott Magic

Magic is fun to watch and even more, fun to perform! With Jim Stott’s Ultimate Magic Kit, you will learn magic tricks that are actually used by professional magicians. This magic trick kit was made for older children and adults to start learning magic. This kit includes tricks like magic cards box, svengali card deck, the 3 rope mystery, the incredible levitation system, 4 magic sponge balls, top-secret vanishing device, and magic pen penetration.  You will get everything you need to do over 350 magic tricks as well as a link to the secret webpage that allows you to look at the video tutorials on how to use all the props in the kit as well as free magic to download. Some things can be done right away and some will need looking up in the manual or in the videos for which links are supplied. The magic set is tons of fun and is a great tool for helping to build critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

If speaking about the drawbacks of this kit I can notice that it could be too difficult for some preteens. Also, customers complain that materials that are used in parts are a little flimsy.


  1. Best magic set for adults and older kids.
  2. Get over 350 magic tricks.
  3. Access to the website.
  4. Good instructions.


  1. It could be too difficult for some preteens.
  2. Materials are a little flimsy.

Deluxe Solid-Wood Magic Set by Melisa&Doug

This magic set doesn’t have as many tricks as the previous sets in our list. But it is still cool set to introduce magic for your children. This magic trick toy includes 10 tricks such as Disappearing Ball, Coin Box, Secret Silks, Great Escape, Number Prediction, Money Maker, Egyptian Prediction, Vanishing Zone, Cylinder Squeeze, and Vanishing Coin. These tricks help children to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Unlike all the magic kits for kids in our guide, the majority of the props are made of wood (instead of plastic).  It comes with step-by-step instructions however a few tricks need time to learn. We also want to notice that the recommended age for kids is from 8 years old.

This set does not include DVD instruction that makes more time to understand how tricks work. A lot of customers complain that the box (that comes in the kit) is too small for storage all the props in it and they had to buy an additional one.


  1. Cool magic set for beginners from 8 years old.
  2. The majority of the props are made of wood.
  3. Help to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  4. Inexpensive magic kit.


  1. 10 tricks only.
  2. No DVD instructions.
  3. The box is too small to store props.

Magic Hat with 35 Tricks by Thames & Kosmos

Your kid will perform an amazing magic show with the help of Magic Hat from Thames & Kosmos. This magic kit comes with 35 tricks and over 40 props for these tricks. Among the props, you can find a plastic hat and a rabbit puppet which will help your kids to feel like a real magician. The kit includes 20-page illustrated manual instructions where the majority of tricks come in three basic steps. The first step helps children select the props needed for the trick, the second step teaches kids how to prepare it and finally, the third step demonstrates how the trick is performed.

As for drawbacks, the materials that props are made of are not high-quality and rip easily. Not all props that you will need for the tricks are included in this kids’ magic trick set.


  1. Illustrated detailed manual instructions.
  2. 35 simple tricks in 3 easy steps.
  3. Plastic hat and rabbit puppet included.


  1. Low-quality material.
  2. Non all necessary pops for tricks are included.

Magic Science for Wizards Only by Scientific Explorer

It is a unique magic set that will teach your kids science behind the magic. It will give them basic knowledge about how and why the magic works. In this kit, you can find 9 different activities that will allow your kids to learn how chemical reactions occur and how they can use them in different magic tricks. The kit includes the next chemicals: citric acid, baking soda, vegetable oil, a cross-linked polyacrylate copolymer, red cabbage powder, color tablets, and zinc sulfide. The set also comes with 4 test tubes with stand, 1 clear tube wand with 2 caps, 2 measuring scoops, purple paper, star stickers, and activity guide. The kit comes with everything you need, and all of it comes in cute little pouches or bottles. The kids will be excited to do each experiment!

A lot of consumers complain that the majority of experiments are similar to each other and everything you need to do it just mixing an acid and a base to make fizzy water or some variation on that theme (colored powder to make colored fizzy water, glow in the dark powder to make glow in the dark fizzy water).


  1. Unique magic set that teaches the science behind the magic.
  2. Chemicals included.
  3. Detailed instructions included.
  4. The kit comes with 4 test tubes with stand, 1 clear tube wand with 2 caps, 2 measuring scoops, Purple paper, star stickers.


  1. The majority of experiments are similar to each other.
  2. Once chemicals are used the kit has been completed.

My First Magic Set by Ideal

It is a cool magic set that includes 25 easy to learn tricks and high-quality props. This kit is perfect for children who are new to the art of magic. It’s worth noting that this magic kit teaches kids how to perform the same tricks as professional magicians. These tricks are easy to learn and follow with the step-by-step instructions that come to both manual and DVD ones. The recommended age is from 4 years old but younger kids will need adults’ help.

As for the drawbacks, this set is too simple for older kids. And it’s worth mentioning that the props can rip easily.


  1. Easy to learn tricks.
  2. Best magic set for toddlers.
  3. Manual and DND instructions included.


  1. For young kids only.
  2. Props rip easily.

World’s Greatest Magic Show by Thames & Kosmos

It is a great starter kit or entry for the young child that loves magic. This magic kit allows your kid to perform 415 tricks were 140 of them the tricks with cards. The kit includes 90 pages of step-by-step photo instructions and the video tutorials are available online. Kids will love this kit as it allows them to present a great magic show on their own with the help of 49 props that include rings, cards, coins, and rope.

Some consumers complain that as there are so many components in the kit, the manufacturer miniaturized some of the components, including the linking rings and magic cups. Although a lot of what is needed is right in the box some of the tricks need things that aren’t included but can generally be found around the house or at a local dollar store.


  1. 415 magic tricks included.
  2. Step-by-step instructions and online video are included.
  3. Tricks required some thinking so kids won’t be bored.


  1. Some components are too small.
  2. Some of the tricks need things that aren’t included.


Everyone likes magic. Just imagine your child’s face when you watch his/her show with delight! Learning the magic not only develops fine motor skills at a young age but also helps prevent stage fright and build self-confidence. All of this will help to prepare kids for real life and dealing with people. We tried to offer to you the review of the best magic kits for kids of all ages and hope that you will find the right to your kid!


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