Without any doubt, American brand Crayola is the leader in children’s creativity segment. Their products are always unique and high-quality.

«Marker Maker» is an amazing new kit to make markers from Crayola. This is a real plant that produces markers! It is for children of 6 years and older. Children can make markers of the colors he/she needs on their own.

There are 16 sets of markers’ parts (bodies, caps, tips, plugs, ink holders and tags), two flasks for mixing, 3 ink cans, two boxes for storing finished markers, forceps for comfortable use, instructions and Crayola marker maker mixing guide in the kit.

Children don’t need special skills to make markers and can do it on their own. But it will be interesting for parents to take part in creating markers.

Here is how to make Crayola markers. First of all, mix all the necessary colors in a flask. To not get confused to use the card-instruction for mixing colors. Then you need to put an ink holder into the flask and wait until it will get soaked with dye.

At this time you need to prepare marker’s body. You need to put it into a special clamp on a stand. Now with the help of forceps, you need to put ink holder in marker’s body, put the top on and, pressing the handle until you hear a click, tightly close the marker. All done! The only thing left to do is just to close marker’s cap.

Quality and safety:

The kit is well thought through. It is perfect for children from 6 years and older. They are already quite independent to use this kit.

There are several rules of how to use the kit: as the marker’s ink can leave spots on clothes and other surfaces you need to prepare the workplace by covering all surfaces that need protection. Don’t forget to close tightly bottles with dye.

This kit as other Crayola products is made of safe and non-toxic materials.

How does this toy contribute to your development?

This Crayola marker kit will develop not only classic painting skills but also independence, logic, and creativity.


Today’s children parents could only dream about this fantastic kit! Creating a marker is really fascinating for both children and adults! Just think about it, you can create markers on your own! The marker of any color! This kit is present for the whole family.


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