During the winter season, we all know how dry it can be, and for the babies, it can be even worse. Because of their fragile body, they are very prone to different health problems and to keep them warm and comfortable, and it’s ideal to be informed on the right things you can do.

Cozy Sleeping Environment

Like most new moms, you’ll probably think of using thick blankets, comforters and other things where you can wrap your baby and tuck them at night. However, it is not recommended by many doctors. It’s ideal to invest on warm and flannel fitted sheet that you can add up on their cribs.

The soft one-piece footed sleepers can let them keep warm all night. To add an extra layer, you can make them use a bodysuit. Aside from that, there are also heating pads or microwaveable bags that you can use to warm up their beds before you let them put to sleep.

Keep Them Moisturized

The chill wind on the outside and dry heat indoors can easily absorb all the moisture of your baby’s delicate skin. It’s vulnerable, and it’s easier for you to see rashes and other changes on their skin. To help them in this situation, it’s ideal for keeping their skin moisturized. There are different lotions and creams available on the market which come with “for sensitive skin” tags that you can consider.

If you are planning to go outside, make sure to apply lotions and prevent chapped and dry skin. Keep in mind that soap and water can also dry out their skin, so be careful in giving them baths in winter.

Use a Humidifier

A humidifier can add the moisture you need to the air inside the nursery room. It creates optimal breathing conditions and allows the baby to sleep comfortably. Also, it loosens the build-up mucus and relieves the irritated and dry skin of the babies. This small and powerful tool can give protection against dry air and is a big help during the winter months.

Some nursery humidifiers come with a comforting and rhythmic hum that promotes a more relaxing sleep to your babies.

With all those things in mind, it becomes easier to keep our baby warm during the winter season. For other health problems or if you are suspecting some unusual symptoms, make sure to consult your doctor.


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