Today we look at the best wooden toy kitchens for children. I recommend you read my general article about the best toy kitchens for children – there you can see an overview of the most popular and high-quality children’s kitchens. But I noticed that in a previous article I described an insufficient number of wooden children’s kitchens. That is why I decided to write an additional article about wooden kitchen models – I know that a fairly large number of parents will prefer wood to plastic.

When you choose toys for your child, the quality of materials and workmanship, non-toxicity and reliability, so that the toy lasts at least a few years, is most important for you. These are the main requests of parents when choosing toys for children, and it is by these criteria that I try to evaluate products in my reviews.

I decided to put wooden toy kitchens in a separate article also because I bought this one for my child. Comparing the wooden children’s kitchen with plastic counterparts, you can immediately see its main advantages:

  1. Great appearance – wooden toy kitchens look almost like real ones!
  2. Reliability. A toy made of wood will obviously last much longer than a plastic one.
  3. Non-toxic. Whoever says anything, but for me, wood will always remain a much less toxic material than plastic. And I would prefer that my children play with a wooden toy.

I also want to note why I recommend buying a toy kitchen for your child. After all, this is a really useful toy that can stimulate the development of your baby! Here are just the basic skills that this toy will help develop:

  1. Social skills. Pretend playing with other children in the kitchen (for example, my children often imagine that they are a cook), your child will be able to develop communication skills and learn to cope with conflict situations (without which it is so difficult to do in the kitchen 😊).
  2. Logic. Writing, even if not real, develops in your child the ability to logic and build algorithms, which is really very important for harmonious development.
  3. Motor skills. During the game, your child performs a large number of different actions that will positively affect the development of motor skills.

TOP 5 Best Wooden Play Kitchens

KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds

In my opinion – this is one of the best wooden kitchens (exactly the same model I bought for my daughter). Here you can find realistic sounds from burners and ice maker – it sounds like a real kitchen! Also, I need to notice that this model is very tall, especially if compare with other play kitchens! Here is enough space for a few kids to play with at the same time. I am absolutely sure that it worth every dollar I spent. KidKraft made a really good quality product!

Also, it has a refrigerator with two doors and a washing machine – it’s really not common between all another wooden play kitchen!

Only one real con for us – it wasn’t easy to put it together, even though every piece was clearly labeled with a number or letter. There are a lot of pieces and not really clear instructions (it’s just a picture and have no written words). It takes near 3 hours to put this thing together.

By the way, I highly recommend you to take a look at this wooden kitchen for your kids – it’s a really great product!


  1. Realistic sounds from burners and ice maker.
  2. It’s really tall – enough for a few kids to play with.
  3. Looks great – absolutely like a real kitchen.
  4. Refrigerator with 2 doors and a washing machine.


  1. It’s really not easy to put together.
  2. Batteries for the ice maker and burner inaccessible without disassembling some parts of this kitchen.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef’S Pretend Play Toy Kitchen with “Ice” Cube Dispenser

It’s another wooden play kitchen with all the things that your kids need. Here you can find a rotating microwave and ice dispenser looking like a real. The fridge and oven have a lot of space to store food toys. It’s not coming up with some food toys, but you easily can choose one of the sets from my review of the best food toys for kids!

Putting together is pretty easy – it takes not more than 2 hours. Materials are really good, it seems that this kitchen will last a really long time. It is also important to note that even if a child turns this kitchen upside down and can somehow disassemble it, he is unlikely to succeed in breaking the parts themselves since they are quite resistant to damage.


  1. Easy to assemble. It takes just 1.5-2 hours.
  2. Looks really pretty.
  3. High-quality materials.
  4. Lots of cool gadgets like microwave and ice dispenser.


  1. Microwave turntable knob doesn’t come back if you turn it together – be careful, don’t «practice» before assembling!
  2. There is no latch on the doors on the oven and the fridge.

KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

Inexpensive kids play kitchen in a vintage style by KidKraft. I want to note right away that despite its small size, this stove is going to be quite difficult. Perhaps, in this case, the assembly is one of the most unpleasant aspects of this toy. Otherwise, this is a great gift for your child.

Quality is really good – it seems really solid and sturdy. I am completely sure that this kitchen will last for many years! Due to the small size, it will be good for smaller spaces. Also, I like the cabinet in this kitchen – it contains a pretty solid door that you can open and no battery-powered features to break!

Also, it’s a perfect kitchen for a younger kid (like 1-2 years old) due to this height. All handles and burners on the sink and stove turn and click like a real one.

I highly recommend this kitchen for not small spaces. It’s a really good quality product for its price.


  1. Price. It costs not really much, especially for its quality.
  2. Height suitable for 1-2 years old kids.
  3. All gadgets sound like a real one.


  1. Putting together is quite hard.
  2. Possible that few of the doors don’t line up perfectly – it can squeak sometimes.

Rainbow Sophia Timeless Wood Kids Play Kitchen

Another excellent wooden play kitchen for kids! Here you can find all the gadgets that your kids need for playing: ice maker, stove and oven with sounded knobs. Putting together is really easy – it takes no more than 2 hours. It’s really sturdy – I am absolutely sure that even if your child intentionally wants to damage this kitchen, he is unlikely to be able to cause serious damage to this. To be honest, the instructions are not very clear, but the assembly process itself is quite logical, so the assembly does not take much time.

The size of this kitchen is ideal for children 2-3 years old. You can rest assured that your little one will spend more than one hour playing an exciting cooking game!


  1. Nice design.
  2. Easy to assemble.
  3. A lot of different gadgets for playing.


  1. Not clearly instructions (but it’s not a big problem – assembling is really logical and easy).

KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen Set

Great toy kitchen with a really impressive range of extra toys. Here you will find a metal pot, pan, and spatula. Also included are additional chopped toy vegetables (carrots and beets), pieces of which are attached to each other with velcro and 3 ice cubes, that come out of the dispenser on the refrigerator.

What is also interesting in this model of children’s kitchen is that there are a faucet and «gas» burners that make sounds and glow during operation (batteries are included). This can really cause interest in a young child and add realism to his play. Setting up takes near 1 hour – it’s really easy to assemble.

I note the disadvantages of this model: not very high-quality wood, from which this model of children’s kitchen is made. But this is rather expected, taking into account the super low cost of this product. Also, a small minus is a not very clear instruction (but the assembly itself does not take much time even without instructions).


  1. A lot of extra toys.
  2. Easy to put together.
  3. Faucet and «gas» burners with sound and glowing.


  1. Poor quality wood from which this kitchen is made.
  2. Not very clear assembly instructions.


I hope that my selection of the best wooden toy kitchens will help you make the right choice. All models in this review are pretty good and have their advantages and disadvantages. But personally, I most recommend you the first model on my list: “KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen” This is really a quality kitchen that I have acquired for my kids and I can with full confidence recommend it to my readers for purchase!

Also, if you buying play kitchen for kids you may be interested in choosing an additional set of pretend food. In this case, I highly recommend you to read my article “Best Play Food Sets for Kids“. In this article, I review the most high-quality sets of toy food that are ideal for your child! I would be glad if my articles are useful to you!


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