Archaeology, paleontology or geology kits for kids are made not only for fun but also for the education of your child. Let your kid to excavate dinosaurs’ bones, fossils and artifacts, or to find precious stones as if true scientist. These sets will make your kids to wrap their minds around some exciting and challenging tasks. Children love such games and are always ready to play archeologists for hours! Just buy your child paleontological toys, and you will see how happy he will be!

High-quality science kit must be easy to solve, though challenging at the same time. These sets usually include tools for excavating archeological findings together with instructions, telling you some fascinating archeological facts. That kind of toys promotes cognitive development of your child. Plus, it helps to develop fine motor skills, imagination and spatial intelligence.

TOP 10 Best Archeology Kits for Kids:

So, let’s take a closer look at our top archeology toys for kids:

National Geographic – Mega Fossil Dig Kit (6+)

This kit includes 15 real fossils and tools to excavate them. A learning guide that is also included will help your child to identify his foundings. The majority of people who bought this kit were satisfied with the quality and highly recommend this product because of its huge number of genuine fossils. The size of fossils is about an inch or two, so be careful not to throw them away. Usually, it takes about two hours for a family to dig all of them. As far as the room gets dusty while excavating, parents usually recommend playing outside. Also, parents say, that kids were really enjoying excavating fossils, but smaller kids may need some help of grown-ups.

This is one of the best archaeological toys for kids in our top! Made of really high-quality materials, colorfully framed and will be really interesting to any child!

National Geographic – Dino Fossil Dig Kit (6+)

Another cool mini archeology kit from National Geographic, that you may add to your child’s fossil collection. It consists of 3 real dino fossils: dino bone, mosasaur tooth, and dino poop. Parents prefer that kit as a gift for kids and recommend it for both boys and girls. In the learning guide, you will find plenty of information on the dinosaurs. Though this kit is about excavating, it’s quite fast to be done with due to sufficient tools provided, but kids are still so happy to find some genuine fossils. Some parents recommend using a small hammer to gently hit the plaster because it may be a little difficult for smaller kids to excavate it. Anyways, this kit is great for young scientists.

Discover with Dr. Cool – Ultimate Dinosaur Science Kit (6-15 y.)

This kit consists of 3 real dino fossils such as dinosaur bone, tooth, and a poop, together with the T-Rex skeleton as it is claimed by the manufacturer. Helpful tools that were given in the box are quite nice to use. Furthermore, you may need a tub filled with water so it would be easy to find fossils in the brick. Be ready for the mess from the brick and cover the table beforehand – that’s what parents advise. Unfortunately, some parents were disappointed with a dino skeleton because it is made of plastic and uneasy to assemble for a kid, and what is more – any false move makes the skeleton to fall apart, what is definitely sad for a child. Nevertheless, most parents were glad their children were occupied with this project for a couple of hours because digging up fossils brings so much fun for a young archeologist.

Dinosaur excavation kit: Three-piece suit (5-10 y.)

If your child is crazy about dinosaurs – this kit is really worth to buy. Those parents who already purchased it for their kids were glad of 3 different palm-size dino skeletons to have: Triceratops, T-Rex, and Diplodocus. Also, tattoo stickers that are coming with dinosaurs were a nice bonus. Yeah, we all know – kids love stickers. Size of the brick to dig is suitable for a small kid, so interest and fun from won’t be lost while the process of excavating. Dinosaurs are not that easy to assemble for smaller kids and the help of adults may be required. If you are searching for an enjoyable gift for your kids – most parents recommend this kit. It would not disappoint your kids for sure. The skeleton that is made of safe natural resin may be added to your child’s exquisite collection. As far as skeletons have movable joints, kids may easily play with them. Of course, there is one tiny disadvantage, that every excavating kit has – it is a bit messy, but still worth buying.

Dan&Darci – Dino Egg Dig Kit (6+)

12 eggs with different models of dinosaurs inside and 12 instruments to dig them out – is what this kit consists of. Funny lifehack from parents – the kit is nice for a birthday party of your child because every kid would be busy with digging their own cute little dino for at least 15-25 minutes and no one would be disappointed. The guide on dinosaurs that is included in the box, will help kids to identify their findings and to learn more about them. Again, expect a little mess from the paleontology process of your child and simply read instructions beforehand – is what parents suggest. But be careful – some parents claimed that some kits had troubles with broken packaging, which is easily resolved by the manufacturer.

Dinosaur excavation kit: T-Rex (5-10 y.)

If you are not ready to buy a full dino excavation three-piece suit, then a skeleton of T-Rex is a good fit for you. The brick is made of the same non-toxic green gypsum. This kit is good for studying dinosaurs and is entertaining as well. Parents who already bought other similar dino kits liked that one most. Every single piece that is found gets your child so excited to find another one that makes the process even more enjoyable. The T-Rex is about palm-size, but very neat. To sum up, this kit can be a great gift for dinosaur lovers.

If your child likes dinosaurs (all children without exception like them) – this archaeological set is perfect for your baby! It allows you to feel like a real archaeologist studying dinosaurs!

National Geographic – Break Open 10 Premium Geodes (6-15 y.)

Real 10 geodes in a kit from National Geographic would be a wonderful step forward on the way of studying natural crystals. Besides geodes itself, inside of the box, you will find goggles, display stands and a learning guide to discover more about your findings. Hammer is not included, so somebody has to swing a hammer while the other person holds the geode. So, as you have already guessed, the help of adults is needed for sure. Well, sometimes it happens that even adults have to tinker with geodes to open them. Most parents did enjoy cracking geodes together with their kids so this kit could be a nice time to spend with your family during the weekend.  Those who had a chance to purchase this kit were pretty impressed by the quality and beautifulness of colored crystals on the inside, which is about 2 or 4 inches. Unfortunately, sometimes owners of this kit were disappointed that crystals lacked variety and colors so it seems to depend on your luck. Also, this kit is a good fit as a school project or even as a birthday gift for a young scientist.

National Geographic – Gemstone Dig Kit (6-15 y.)

Another kit for those, who loves digging and being rewarded for that with colorful gemstones. Gemstone dig kit is a nice way to uncover genuine amethyst, quartz and tiger’s eye gemstones and then learn about each of them some interesting facts in the learning guide. Good news for obsessed collectors – this kit is a nice β€œadd on” to your rock collection. Parents who purchased this kit say that you must be careful with an included pick as it is sharp and that kit itself is very dusty. The actual size of gems is about 1-2”, and even though gems are not that huge, kids are always surprised and excited to find something deep down into plaster. Also, a trick with adding water to avoid digging job would not work– some of these gems may simply dissolve. And finally, some help for your kid may be required, so just stay informed on their success and help them if needed.

Really fascinating archaeological set for kids! Despite the fact that there would seem to be no dinosaurs and things like that, the manufacturer made such a high-quality product that the child is fascinated from the very first moment and can explore geodes for hours! The great advantage of this archaeological set is that the kid gains knowledge in geology, and, quite possibly, he will want to study this science in more depth and detail!

Thames & Kosmos Archaeology: Pyramid Dig (8-15 y.)

National Geographic created another interesting archeology kit for those who are in love with archeology and ancient Egypt. Your young scientist has a chance to dive into the ancient world of pyramids and play the role of an archaeologist. Use special tools to open a pyramid and then patiently dig to find buried treasures. Parents who experienced buying this kit think that it is more suitable for older elementary and junior high children more. Be careful with your findings – you must be diligent while carrying out excavations because pyramid treasures may be easily chipped.

Dan&Darci – Mega Fossil Dig Kit (8+)

Collect 15 fossils at once while digging them out in this mega fossil dig kit from Dan&Darci. Sufficient tools in the box would help your kid to extract real fossils from the brick. Parents were glad their kids had a chance to deal with this fun educational project, because they may learn more about their findings due to the learning & instruction guide. A nice bonus for those who like collecting fossils and keeping them safe – a small sachet would help you to do so. Also, if you feel like your kid loves the process and could easily sit for a couple of hours, diligently chipping brick and searching for fossils, that would be a cool and captivating gift.


So, in general, the choice is wide, and every kit has its own pros and cons. If your girl or boy is into science, any kit would be suitable. You may choose any of them depending on the character and needs of your child. Of course, the amount of money you are ready to spend also plays an important role, influencing your choice.



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