Crystal growing kits have lately been popular among parents when choosing presents for their kids. And it’s not a coincidence that crystal growing is not just an interesting game but also an excellent chemical experiment that doesn’t require special skills and equipment. Be sure that such an experiment will be interesting to students from primary and to high school. Start growing crystal together with your child and you will understand how interesting it is to watch how the crystal is growing and take care of it!

Kids will find special powder, wool threads to grow small crystal and special molds for the big ones in the box. You will find step by step description of all preparation and execution stages of the experiment in the crystal growing instructions. The results will not keep you waiting. You can use bright crystals that you have gotten, for example, for decoration different handicrafts.

How does it work?

When we pour crystal mix into very hot water it breaks in small particles. These particles are much smaller than our eye can see. Now we have crystal solution so dense that if we put more powder in it, the powder will not dissolve.

Water cools down slowly, some part of it evaporates. Now it can’t take the content dissolved and the particles start to gather together in groups. Over time the groups attach to each other to form larger integrations. We finally get the crystal the way we want: with linear and flat edges.

TOP 10 Best Crystal Growing Kits

Crystal Growing Experiment by 4M

It is one of the most popular kits on the market at the moment. No wonder: for the really low price we receive a full set of seven separate crystals growing experiments. There are special stands with transparent covers for crystals included in the kit: you can observe crystal growing without the risk of damaging them! The kit also includes detailed colorful instructions so you will not have any difficulties with experiments.


  1. Seven experiments in one kit.
  2. Best value for the money.
  3. High-quality, solid stands for crystals growing.


  1. The stands are not illuminated.
  2. The small size of crystals.

Mega Crystal Growing Lab by National Geographic

It is an excellent crystal growing kit from National Geographic! You can grow eight bright crystals of different colors! There are all necessary to grow a crystal in a kit: eight powder sets, eight base rocks, four silicone trays, a stand with illumination and full-color instructions. Also, there are five real minerals in the kit: Amethyst, Quartz Geode, Blue Calcite, Rose Quartz, and Fluorite. Start your own collection of minerals! This kit will help your child to receive additional knowledge in physics and geology (he/she might even start collecting minerals).


  1. You can grow crystals of eight different colors.
  2. Very full instructions with additional interesting facts.
  3. The large size of crystals.
  4. Five real minerals in the kit.


  1. High-quality stands in the set but only for 5 crystals.
  2. The price is not the lowest. However, this kit has its value for its money.

Light-up Crystal Growing Kit by Mini Explorer (Dan&Darci)

It is a big kit that includes all necessary to grow three crystals: red, blue and colorless (transparent). There are full instructions and a stand with quality LED-lights. Put all three crystals on the stand and they will look amazing at any interior! Also, I would like to note that crystals from this kit look very big and has a rich color (it is important to use clean water for more beautiful color)! Believe me, children will be delighted with the beautiful crystals growing they grew on their own!


  1. High-quality stand with LED-lights for finished crystals.
  2. The large size of growing crystals.
  3. Rich color’s crystals.


  1. The price is quite high (compared to similar kits).
  2. The stand doesn’t have a cover which makes it easy to damage the crystals.

Glow in The Dark Science Experiment Kit by Thames & Kosmos

This kit includes all necessary for 12 experiments with crystals! The main feature of this kit is that it allows growing glowing crystals that look amazing in the dark! We can’t but tell about very explicit instructions – entire 32 pages with detailed directions and exciting facts! I personally like this kit the best: glowing crystals of different colors look amazing! There are also plaster molds in the kit that allow crystals to take a unique shape when growing. I guess it is one of the most advanced and interesting crystal growing box kits on the market! Childrens will be delighted!


  1. A large number of experiments.
  2. Very detailed and colorful instructions.
  3. You can grow crystals that glow with different colors in the dark!
  4. Plaster molds allow growing crystals to take unique forms.
  5. The price is low enough especially if take into account what we get for it. It is a better deal compared to the kits of other manufacturers!


  1. There is no stand for a growing crystal in the kit.
  2. You need jars with lids for experiments (for example, honey or jam jars).
  3. Low-quality goggles in the kit (although they are not necessary).

Crystal Growing by Thames & Kosmos

It is one more kit from Thames & Kosmos. The main difference of this kit from the previous one is the number of experiments (there are 15 crystal growing experiments in the kit) and that the growing crystals don’t glow in the dark. As a whole, it is an exciting kit, but the price, in my opinion, is unreasonably high. It is better to get the previous kit for the price (with glowing phosphorus crystals). Just like the previous kit it has detailed instructions on 32 pages, plaster molds and all necessary parts for the experiment (excluding jars with lids).


  1. Fifteen crystals growing experiments in one kit with detailed instructions!
  2. Plaster molds for growing crystals of a unique shape.
  3. There are detailed instructions as in the previous kit.


  1. The price is high.
  2. It is necessary to find jars with lids for experiments.

27+ Geology & Earth Science Experiments Kit by Playz

It is a really large kit with 27 crystals growing experiments! There is a very colorful crystal growing guide in the kit that describes in detail all possible experiments and also includes many interesting facts. It’s worth noting that this set includes experiments with both growing crystals and different minerals that will be interesting for your child! And I should also mention that experiments allow growing crystals of the most unique shapes and colors. Other manufacturers don’t offer this in their kits!


  1. A large number of crystal growing experiments.
  2. Detailed instructions.
  3. The kit contains all necessary for successful experiments.
  4. Unique shapes and colors of growing crystals.


  1. Some experiments are quite difficult but it makes it more interesting.
  2. You need to find additional instruments for some crystal growing experiments (for example jars with lids or a pot).

Star Wars Science Lightsaber by Uncle Milton

Star Wars Science Lightsaber Crystal Growing Lab from Uncle Milton

It is a very unusual crystal growing kit. Any fan of The Star Wars will like it. It allows to grow almost a real crystal for lightsaber! A stylish stand will fit any interior. It comes with illumination that can change colors which represent the duality of Force: blue crystals – for the Jedi, red ones – for the Sith! I think this is an excellent present for both children and adults, the fans of the Star War.


  1. Extraordinary design, it looks so stylish!
  2. Beautiful stand with illumination that changes colors.
  3. The crystals are similar to those indicated in the box.
  4. Detailed instructions in the Star War’s style!


  1. The price is high (especially given that there is only one growing crystal in the kit).
  2. A stand is actually kind of fragile, it is easy to break if handled roughly!

Crystal Growing Cherry Tree by Copernicus Toys

It is a crystal growing Cherry Tree kit. It has everything necessary to grow crystals (including tree shape cardboard). The cherry tree that is growing from microcrystals is stunning! This crystal growing kit is excellent for joint experiments with a child of a young age (6 years and up).


  1. The crystal tree looks nice.
  2. Low price.
  3. The kit has everything necessary to grow the tree with crystals right after buying.


  1. The tree is made of cardboard so it is easy to break.

Premium Remote Controlled Light-up Crystal Growing Kit Clock by Dan & Darci

This is quite a good kit that allows to grow three crystals: red, blue and transparent. There is also a beautiful stand with a watch and illumination. The illumination is managed with remote control. This stand with crystals is excellent for absolutely any interior! And as for the kit, it has everything necessary to grow crystals without any problems!


  1. Beautiful illumination.
  2. Large crystals.
  3. The illumination is managed with remote control.
  4. There is a watch on the stand.


  1. The price is quite high.

Crystal-Growing Jewelry by You*Niverse

It is an interesting kit that allows to create jewelry with growing crystals. There are five rims for necklaces, one rim for a ring, three chains (for necklaces) and also everything necessary to grow crystals. It comes with pigments of three colors (they can be mixed to create another color). There are also detailed instructions to make jewelry with crystals. You can be sure your child will like to make jewelry with his/her own hands!


  1. There is all necessary to make jewelry with crystals, you don’t need to buy anything else.
  2. If you follow the instructions you will make really beautiful jewelry.
  3. Low price.


  1. Some customers complain that crystal jewelry can crumble. This is due to not following the instructions.

Crystal Growing Instructions

First of all, please note that it is extremely important to follow the instructions, use gloves that are included in a kit, in order to avoid contact of chemicals with skin or eyes.  Even though the experiment will be interesting for children of a young age it is not recommended to trust them to do it by themselves: the solution is dangerous when contact with mouth, eyes and even skin. It is better to make the experiment on your own and let a kid help you.

It is also important to say that these instructions are general and appropriate for the crystals of the majority of manufacturers. But to grow a crystal without the problem I recommend you to read crystal growing box kit instructions. In this case, you will grow exactly the kind of crystal that the manufacturer promised you.

As a whole the crystal growing process is quite simple:

  1. Take 200 ml of clean water: the transparency of the final product depends on how clean the water is. Bring water to 100 degrees (to boil). Pour boiling water in a special container (you can use any vessel even a usual glass).
  2. After that, it is necessary to pour the content of one big packet into the container with boiling water and stir it until completely dissolved. Let 15 minutes to cool, it is better to use a water thermometer. The ideal temperature is 40 degrees Celsius.
  3. Pour cooled liquid in a container where you plan to grow a crystal. Wait another 30 minutes for the liquid to stabilize.
  4. Now choose the color you want to have: there are instructions on mixing different colors to obtain a unique color crystal in a kit. Or choose basic colors. On this stage, you need to take into account the fact that the container should stay in a place where it is comfortable to observe the growing crystal without the need to move it for 4-7 days. 20 degrees Celsius is the right temperature for the proper formation of a crystal. That’s why it is better to choose a warm room or put it on top of the fridge where it will also be warm.
  5. Carefully pour the content of the packet with the pigment using a measuring spoon and arrange it on the water surface. DO NOT STIR THE WATER!
  6. Observe the process every 2-3 hours. If you follow the instructions correctly the crystal will grow up to 50 mm on the first day. After that, the crystal will grow slower for 4-7 days. The size depends on the environment where it grows. The process will take longer in cold conditions, in some cases, it can take up to several weeks.
  7. If small crystal formation appears on the container’s walls after 2-3 days, put a cardboard ring that is included in a kit over the top of the container. It will help prevent the crystals from “escaping”.
  8. As soon as the crystal is completely grown pour liquid out of the container withholding the content. It is impossible to use the liquid for the second time, that’s why make sure that the process is over. Light up the water with a flashlight to examine the size of the crystal.
  9. A carefully rinse the final product with clean water. Don’t pour much as it can damage it! Clean containers where the crystals were and dry them. Take a platform and install the crystal on it.
  10. That is all. The crystal is ready and can be placed on a shelf. Admire the view!


There are only the best models in our top at this moment. I personally liked the following kits most of all: Glow in The Dark Science Experiment Kit from Thames & Kosmos as glowing crystals look amazing, and the Star Wars Science Lightsaber Crystal Growing Lab from Uncle Milton as this kit is excellent for any interior and doesn’t look like an ordinary toy but a real souvenir (especially with illumination in the dark)!  Generally speaking, you can be sure that any crystal growing kit from our review will be a good present for your child! Working together with your child on a crystal growing experiment will help you spend a good time with your kind and find common topics for discussion.


  1. We are still waiting for our crystal to grow, but it is already very interesting! The growing process itself is not complicated. We did it with my daughter for 7 years. Absolutely no regrets about the money spent, this is an original gift for curious children of primary school age.
    Already want to buy another bigger set, really a very exciting thing!

  2. A very original gift! I gave my son a set for growing crystals “Star Wars” from unkle milton.
    The process itself is quite long, since it takes 3-4 weeks, the child every day checked what happens with the crystals. But as a result, we got a very beautiful crystal that reminds the kid of his favorite films in the Star Wars universe! Thank you for your review, without you we would not have found such a cool gift!

  3. Hi!

    Thank you for the review, Julia! It’s very detailed!
    I want to buy crystal growing kit for my daughter and still can’t make a choice 🙁
    Can you give me advice please: which crystal growing kit is better – Light-up Crystal Growing Kit by Mini Explorer or Mega Crystal Growing Lab by National Geographic?

    • Hello,
      If you compare these two sets, then I would choose a set from National Geographic – it allows you to grow 5 crystals and not 3 like a kit from Mini Explorer.
      The only advantage of the kit by Mini Explorer is the presence of a backlight.
      I hope my answer helped you with the choice 🙂


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