Sand is this year’s hit among educational toys. Yes-yes, it is sand! Not the sand that you can find in the backyard, but the one that you need to buy from the store. It is a really fantastic thing! Children and adults are delighted with it. There are several types of sand on the market nowadays: kinetic, living, moon and hydrophobic.

Today we will review kinetic sand

It is a well-known fact that children can play with sand for hours. Now they can do it at home! You can make a small sandbox at home that is easy to put away. Kinetic sand resembles wet fine sand from the seaside but it’s dry. It is quite dense and heavy.  It is good at keeping shape. The sand doesn’t stick to hands or leave oily stains and it is completely safe. The secret is a special polymer that helps to achieve these features.

Unlike other types of sand, the kinetic sand is not “afraid of” the water. If there is any contact with moisture it is enough to just dry the sand and it is ready to be used again. It is not necessary to keep the sand in a closed container as there’s no liquid in it and it simply can’t dry out. It should not be mixed with regular sand, soil and other pollutants as the kinetic sand will lose its “magic” characteristics.

Quality and Safety

This might seem a little weird to speak about the quality and safety of sand but in this case, the quality can be different. It is better to trust verified manufacturers that are introduced in our review. The point is that when you buy goods from a verified manufacturer you can be sure, firstly, that the sand will serve for a long time, will not dry or stick to hands in a week. And, secondly, it is also better to trust a verified manufacturer in safety issues. They value their reputation and have all certificates that confirm the origin of their products.

The particular attention should be given to the issue of accidental ingestion (or, sometimes, non-accidental) of the sand. Unlike “living” sand that can dissolve in water, the kinetic sand has the same physical properties as a regular one. That’s why you shouldn’t eat it but it is safe in small quantities.

How is the kinetic sand developmental?

The sand has always been one of the most popular pastimes for kids. Playing with sand has such a positive effect on children as developing small motor skills, imagination, and attention spans. Probably every mother will come up with something else to continue the list as the games with sand are really very interesting and useful activities for a kid.

Our Top 7 Best Kinetic Sand Kits

Below we will review the most popular kinetic sand kits from different manufacturers:

Kinetic Sand In Motion by Waba Fun

It is high-quality kinetic sand from a popular manufacturer. This kit includes 11 lbs (about 5kg) of kinetic sand. This amount is enough to build everything your child wants! The kinetic sand comes in five separate packages of one kilogram each. This kit offers good value for money. No doubt the kinetic sand from this manufacturer will be a good choice for your kid!
It’s worth noting that its consistency is standard, resembles regular sand, but keeps its shape better and doesn’t fall apart. It is a high-quality kit and great value for the money.


  1. There is a large amount of sand in the kit.
  2. Nice consistency, keeps its shape well.
  3. Handles well contact with water – it is enough to dry it and the sand will restore its original state.


  1. Some consumers complain that this sand sticks to hands.

Squeezable Play Sand by Kinetic Sand

It is good kinetic sand that has a large number of positive feedbacks from the consumers. The consistency of this sand differs from the previous one as this sand is “softer” and has lower viscosity. Unlike the previous one, this kit has far less sand but it is enough for your child’s creativity. The main con that I want to note is that it has an unpleasant smell when first open. However, this smell wears off within an hour or two. The majority of consumers note the durability of this sand as it serves them for two-three years.

Unlike the previous one, this kinetic sand doesn’t resemble regular fine sand but has more mushy consistency with bigger grains. However, this sand just like the previous one sticks well and keeps its shape.


  1. Durability.
  2. Good consistency and viscosity.


  1. Unpleasant smell (when first open).

Kinetic Sand 5lb Box Blue/Green by Waba Fun

It is a very interesting kinetic sand kit of two colors from Waba Fun. This sand has quite dense consistency, molds sticks and keeps its shape well (it almost doesn’t “melt” unlike the other models in our review). It is painted with pigments and not dyes that’s why it is absolutely safe for children. Possibly it is the best kinetic sand kit for toddlers! Two colors of sand allow your kid to be more creative compared to regular sand of classic color.
It is a really interesting kinetic sand kit and absolutely every child (or even an adult) will be happy to play with it. It is great to develop artistic skills and creative thinking!


  1. It almost doesn’t “melt” unlike other kits.
  2. Two color sand allows your kid to be more creative.
  3. It is painted with pigments that’s why is absolutely safe for children.


  1. It is difficult to divide into two colors after mixing.

Kinetic Beach Sand by Kinetic Sand

“Beach” sand from this manufacturer unlike the other products in our review has a bigger size of grains and prominent grainy texture. The main drawback that many consumers complain about is poor viscosity of sand.  It keeps shape but not as well as some other kits. As a whole, this kinetic sand resembles wet beach sand (what confirms its name). There is also a package with neon sand in the kit that can change its color.

This kinetic sand is not very different from other models. The main difference is that it has additional neon sand in the kit. In my opinion, the price on this kit is a little high (at least for time writing this review).


  1. Non-standard consistency, it resembles real beach sand (but a little wet).
  2. Bonus neon sand.
  3. It is a good toy to relieve stress.


  1. Viscosity is lower than in other models in the review.
  2. Smells a little like chemicals.

Play Sand by National Geographic

It is excellent kinetic sand from National Geographic! It comes in six different colors, and additionally, they offer glowing sand and the mix of all colors. There are six sand molds that allow a kid to mold different interesting shapes from sand. You shouldn’t worry about a tray for sand as it is in the kites well. It is one of the most quality kinetic sand kits in our review as it keeps its shape, doesn’t have an unpleasant smell and it is absolutely safe for health!
The only drawback we should mention is that the sand can stain hands and surface where children play with it (it happens only when the sand gets wet). Otherwise, it is a very interesting kinetic sand kit, probably, one of the best in our review.


  1. A wide range of colors. There is also glowing in the dark sand!
  2. Good consistency and viscosity of sand.
  3. Absolutely safe for children’s health.


  1. If it is wet it can leave a mark. You should wait until it is dry and the sand comes back into its ordinary state.

Moldable Beach Magic Sand Set by DUUTY

This is a three-color sand kit with good value for the money. It comes in a bucket which is non-standard for kinetic sand. There are also four sand molds in the kit. This kinetic sand keeps its shape well and almost doesn’t “melt” that allows your child to make everything he/she wants with the sand.

The only drawback we should note is a small volume of sand (only 1,8 lbs) so I recommend buying two kits at once. It is a good value for the money according to many positive feedbacks from consumers.


  1. Three colors of sand in the kit.
  2. Sand molds and a bucket in the kit.
  3. Good consistency, stick well and keep its shape.


  1. Small volume of sand, it is better to buy two buckets at once.

Shimmering Magic Sand by Kinetic Sand

It is unique sand that, as stated in its title, really glows. I haven’t seen analogs which is the advantage among competitors. It comes in four colors: green, black, blue and purple. And given the consistency it of sand is the best kinetic sand in our review. It keeps its shape for a long time and doesn’t “melt” at all.

The only drawback we should mention is that the sand can stain hands and surface where children play with it (but it cleans easily with water). This sand is ecologically safe – according to the manufacturer, if children eat some sand it is absolutely safe for their health – the content is all natural and harmless (as in all products from our review).


  1. Unique glowing sand.
  2. Eco-friendly.
  3. Good consistency and viscosity.


  1. Stains hands and play surface.


The kinetic sand is an excellent choice as a present for every child! No doubt your kid will play with it for a long time. And at the first time, the whole family will build castles and different shapes of sand together. It’s worth noting that kinetic sand is excellent for not only children but also adults. A lot of people use it to calm down and focus on some monotonous work that requires full concentration. To sum up, the kinetic sand will be a good present for your child and will bring a lot of joyful time!


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