Manufacturer’s description

Interactive doll CHATSTERS is a toy with intellect!

Who would have thought that an up-to-date doll can speak with her little owner and even send messengers on a cell phone? It is possible with baby doll  CHATSTERS!

Additional description:

  1. Age: from 5 years and older.
  2. Material: plastic and textile.
  3. Package size: 33 cm х 31 cm х 9,5cm.
  4. Work with 4AA batteries that are not included.
  5. Detailed instructions.


The doll with a highly interactive level is recommended for girls of 5 years and older. The materials are safe for children’s health and durable (when used properly).

It’s also worth noting that you should not buy CHATSTERS Gabby for girls before 5 years old as curious toddlers may not cope with the “clever” doll and break it quickly.


A doll is the best present for girls. This toy is able to give positive emotions and is great for girls’ development. It goes without saying that this toy will develop fine motor skills and movements’ coordination, imagination, and fantasy, creativity, and other important skills. Perhaps each mom knows about it.

This longhair beautiful doll will become the best friend for your little princess, keep your daughter company and will speak with her anytime your girl wants.  By the way, CHATSTERS Gabby doll knows more than 300 phrases and you can even talk to her on a cell phone!

Our Review

We can endlessly talk about all the unique features of this toy. The doll can dance, speak, communicate over the mobile telephone, demonstrate more than 500 images on LCD-glasses and many other interesting things.

You can do pink hair of this beauty, “put on” lipstick and feed with her favorite treats. Each girl likes cakes and milkshakes 🙂 And CHATSTERS gabby doll is not an exception!

There are six interactive CHATSTERS Gabby accessories and even three objects for creating new hairstyles in the kit.

Price – Quality

The toy from Spin Master is expensive but it is a good value for the money. And to be honest it is an acceptable price for the majority of customers and many dads and moms can afford to get such a magical birthday present!

The high-quality CHATSTERS Gabby doll makes happy children and adults. Because of large soles, plastic doll stands well on the surface and makes different moves.


If you want to surprise your little princess you have to present CHATSTERS Gabby to her! This toy will become the favorite one in your family. A funny doll- fashionista and, by the way, a chatterer will be an unforgettable gift for any kid!


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