A sand ant farm is a very popular choice among many ant keepers. This farm allows creating the most comfortable, close to real-life conditions for ants. It is worth noting that in contrast to gel ant farm in the sand one you should feed ants (ants eat gel in a gel farm but they can’t at sand). There are special areas for feeding ants in sand ant farms where you put food. Ants can also use these areas to hunt or simply go for a walk.

Today we look at the most popular and high-quality models of sand ant farms and choose the really best ant farm for kids!

TOP 5 Best Sand Ant Farms for Kids

Uncle Milton Giant Ant Farm Kit

It is a rather successful model of a vertical sand ant farm from Uncle Milton. You and your children will certainly like a big farm with beautiful decoration! You can easily show your children really an extraordinary example of hard work, perseverance, and teamwork with the help of the farm. A large surface for observation allows us to thoroughly learn the ants’ interesting underground life which makes this farm excellent for school!

It comes with white color sand, which allows you to observe the process of settling better. We recommend considering the farm as a gift for your children!


  1. There is a funny-looking picture in the background of the farm that your children will definitely like!
  2. Thanks to the well-thought-out shape of the aquarium you can always observe what your small pets are doing.  
  3. The farm is made of high-quality materials and it is pretty solid. A child can’t break it by accidentally tipping it over.


  1. There may not be the queen of ants in the provided kit which means the colony will not live long.
  2. This farm isn’t suitable for small ants as they can run away. It is recommended to use large species of ants only (it is indicated in the instructions).

Educational Insights GeoSafari Ant Factory

It is one more really high-quality farm that allows your children to study the life of ants in detail. The kit includes an instruction booklet, a guidebook with experiments to identify the specimens and also a specimen identification chart. Your child can learn how to classify specimens and record them in the logbook!

The farm is made of high-quality materials and it is reliable and resistant to damages. It is worth noting that this farm approximately needs two cups of sand, that are not included in the kit and can be bought separately or brought from outside. In case you decide to provide your own sand you should be responsible when choosing the proper sand. White sea sand is most suitable for the enclosure. If you purchase sand from a store, you can get silica sand of any color (or you can use different colors that will look spectacular!).

If you are looking for a really large ant farm with sand filling – this farm is ideal for you! The design is quite interesting and attractive, it will look great in any interior. The material (plastic) from which this ant farm is made is of rather high quality and strong, it will not break even after falling on the floor (and provided that a child plays with an ant farm, it will be quite difficult to avoid).


  1. The materials of the farm are high-quality.
  2. It contains all the necessary materials for your child to study the most interesting insects on earth – ants.
  3. The ants are not included in the kit but you will be provided a discount coupon to order them (the coupon is given for the harvester ants)!


  1. The sand is not included in the kit. You will have to order it online or find in nature and sift if that can be inconvenient for a customer.
  2. The farm is not stable and can easily be tipped over if handled with negligence. Be careful!

Uncle Milton Jakku Ant Farm Science Kit

It is a very stylish farm will be especially liked by the fans of the Star Wars! As it is made in the style of JAKA – a deserted planet, where the key events from the Star Wars’ films and books took place. But even if you are not a fan of the movie saga you can still appreciate the beautiful look of this farm.

The farm is made of high-quality materials and looks quite solid and reliable. I think that even if a child drops it nothing will happen to it. I recommend it!

In my opinion, this is one of the coolest ant farms in our top. I liked its design, it looks quite unusual in the interior, it will look great both in the nursery and, for example, in the living room. The disadvantages of this include small size and not very good stability. But the small size is also partly a plus – the work of ants is much better seen here than in other similar ant farms.


  1. This stylish ant farm is a special edition from Uncle Milton.
  2. High-quality materials and full protection from ants escape!
  3. Ants are not included in the kit but you will be provided a discount coupon to order 25 harvester ants.
  4. The kit includes detailed instructions about caring for ants.


  1. The farm is not stable and it and can easily be tipped over (but it is true for all vertical farms).
  2. Your order can be delayed when it is cold outside as the seller will only ship the ants when the temperature outside will let them survive while being transporting!

Uncle Milton Ant Farm

It is one more small farm from Uncle Milton, that is perfect for entry-level Myrmica ant keepers! It has special connectors (Antports) that will let you connect this farm to others in the future. It is very convenient!
Clean white sand that comes in the kit is great to watch how ants work. The insects are not provided in the kit but you will be provided with a coupon to order a set of ants with a big discount!


  1. A sound ant farm is made of high-quality materials that will hold the majority of falls and hits (it will definitely take place as your child will play with it).
  2. Clean white sand that comes in the kit is great to observe the ants.
  3. An opportunity to connect this farm to others in the future will help you to deal with a growing colony.


  1. There are no ants in the kit. You will have to wait for them to be delivered for a long time (often near 2-3 weeks).
  2. From my point of view, the farm is too small and it is better to take a bigger one if you don’t want to buy additional modules!

Insect Lore Ant Farm – Two Sided Ant Mountain

It is one more sand ant farm of extraordinary shape but it looks very interesting. Your children will definitely like to watch the ants work and dig tunnels in the sand together!
There is a certificate for obtaining one free set of harvester ants with coverage from the seller (the seller guarantees that all ants will come alive).
As a whole, we can recommend this farm as a present for your children, no doubt they will be happy!


  1. An interesting design will fit any interior.
  2. A free certificate for harvester ants.
  3. It is easy to watch ants from all sides.


  1. The comparatively small size of the farm and the anthill will not grow actively.
  2. You need to wait for ants’ delivery (there is only a certificate in the kit, the order is placed after you received the farm).

Recommendations and FAQ about sand ant farms:

In order to keep the insects inside the farm, the edges of the container are treated with special powders that aren’t dangerous if inhaled and keep the hands clean. The formula of these powders doesn’t harm the insects – they simply can’t physically resist the consistency.

In order to prepare the aquarium for use and provide fulfilling maintenance of ants you first need to fill up the container with sand. Ones it is full pour about 400 ml of filtered water. Do it gradually for 10 minutes. The future ant farm will completely soak in half an hour. The powder for edges described above is applied to the inner part of the aquarium‘s cap with a brush. The ants are settled by being placed in a test tube. You can simply pour them out.

Leave food on the arena and close the container. Place the ant farm in a dark place. From now on ants establish their new residency.

Fine sand taken from nature and well sifted has its own advantages. In particular, its natural color can be white, red, blue, gold, black or orange.

There is an ant farm with multi-layered sand, in this case, you can see different colors of sand being a mix. It is a very spectacular attribute of any interior. Different colors are decorated with elaborate tunnels that you can clearly observe through transparent aquarium walls.

It is also worth noting that unlike a gel ant farm in the sand one you need regularly feed ants and give them water. You can teach your child responsibility by imposing on his duties of caring for ants.


In this top, we looked at the most popular, but at the same time really high-quality models of ant farms for kids. On our site you can also find an overview of the best gel ant farms – this is also a great gift option for your baby. But keep in mind that in a gel farm the life of ants is much shorter than in a sand farm, and is usually not more than 6 months.


  1. Excellent article!
    I decided to buy a sand ant farm for my kids, I think I’ll buy ant farm by Insect Lore – it seems like a very interesting farm.
    Thank you!


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